A guide to nightlife in Taormina

While it’s long sleepy days of sun-kissed fun and ancient history in Taormina, evenings are just as exciting. With a host of ways to indulge after dark, from quieter bars to upbeat music, there’s more to the narrow and intriguing streets of this sumptuous Sicilian town. Read our recommendations for the best evenings possible during your Toarmina holiday.

Get cosy in Ri di Bastoni Pub

Huddled stools cluster around cute little wooden tables in this stone-arched corner of town. Beers and wines rest enticingly behind the bar while locals weave tales of their day in the lilting evening light. Ri di Bastoni Pub is tucked away down a narrow street, offering an authentic Sicilian evening that’s as rowdy or laid-back as you choose.

Get glitzy in Flamingo Taormina

This cocktail lounge boasts an outside terrace from which splendid views of the town can be enjoyed. It makes for an exceptional sunset viewing, although the lights that shimmer after dark are just as appealing.

Inside, the Flamingo gleams with neon purple lights, while drinks range from the humble rum and coke to the most imaginative and colourful cocktails in town.

Dublin vibes at O-Seven Irish Pub

With great stouts and draughts on tap, as well as a traditionally dark wooden interior flanked by regalia from the Emerald Isle, a night spent here could make you forget you’re in Sicily. Live music performances light up the night with folk music and rock tributes as you enjoy a drink alongside fellow patrons.

Have a beach party at Panasia Beach

With music and dancing that spills out into the night, this beach venue is as lively as it gets in Taormina. Electronica burns on through the night air as you dance with like-minded revellers or settle onto one of the big beach sofas for cool drinks on a balmy night.

A little pizazz at Morgana Bar

Loud, proud, gaudy and glamorous, the distinctive designs of Morgana Bar make for superb photos of your Italy holiday. Luckily, all this is backed up by plenty of fine wine and refreshing cocktail goodness. The outside terrace is crisply modern too, with white tables and tiles offset by LED lights in the walls and craft pixelated artworks.

Get lost amid the wines of Al Grappolo D'Uva

Sunlight shines on the bottles that line the shelves of this superb little hole-in-the-wall establishment. Wines of every colour and origin are yours to try, while the little round tables in the ambient mood lighting make for a secluded after-dark experience.

Rich neon at Q Lounge Bar

The outdoor patio of Q Lounge Bar is wonderfully modern, contrasting the stone walls that make up the building by bathing them in rich blue neon. Sofas curl around the base of the wall, while indoor music pulses and bar staff shake cocktails of every type.

Dance the night away at Il Septimo

Il Septimo boasts theme nights as much as good old fashioned dancefloor antics, and with panoramic views on all sides, you’ll feel as though you’re dancing above the whole town.

Expect bright lights and affordable drinks in this nightlife gem, complete with music from both Italian and international artists.

Love life at the Bam Bar

A hip coffee shop and gelateria by day, after dark the Bam Bar transforms into one of those cocktails venues that only the coolest locals know about. You can rank yourself among them thanks to our tips though, and you may even find yourself joining the faces in the photos adorning the walls.

Relax in the Time Out Pub

Quieter pubs have a charm of their own, and that’s definitely the case here. Pub grub like burgers, chips and steaks are delicious, and the pumps keep beer flowing all night too. It’s like your local back home, except the climate’s better and the street views outside are unmistakably Sicilian.