Arenella Club Hotel

If you like your hotels a little more trendy and exciting, the Arenella Club Hotel is definitely for you. Boasting two pools, one with a regular DJ, three restaurants, a wellness centre and more sports facilities than you could possibly need, you will be well catered for here, however active you choose to be.

Tantalisingly close to one of Sicily’s beautiful beaches, the hotel lets you swap pool dips for sea swimming on a whim and it’s just 10km from the centre of Syracuse, set in among a large natural reserve, giving you the rest and recuperation of the countryside, with the bright lights of the city just 20 minutes away.

Overview of Syracuse

Given that it’s the largest island in the Mediterranean, holidays to Sicily are expected to be diverse, exciting and interesting and they don’t disappoint. Here, you’ll find a combination of incredible landscapes, fascinating history and perfect beaches all combining to give you a fully rounded holiday experience.

Syracuse, home to the Arenella Club Hotel, is at the top of many people’s list when booking a trip to Sicily, thanks to the wealth of cultural focal points it plays host to. Temples, caves and unbelievable restaurants line the streets, while the beaches enjoy the warm Ionian Sea lapping at their shores. It’s a truly magical region and one that has earned its popularity.

Things to do in Syracuse

Leave the Arenella Club Hotel for a day and you will experience a diverse and bustling city in Syracuse. You can hop over to the island of Ortygia, but don’t overlook the mainland or you won’t get to explore the catacombs, amphitheatre or archaeological museum. If your appetite for history is whet on the mainland, then head to Ortygia and make time to visit the Jewish Quarter.

As you’d expect, the food in Syracuse is fantastic, with daily markets and traditional restaurants giving you access to some of the freshest produce in the world. Work up an appetite by spending some time at the beach and splashing about in the warm Ionian waters, then go crazy for the chargrilled vegetables and traditional risottos.

Holidays to Sicily are culturally stimulating as well as relaxing, and Syracuse offers the perfect balance of lazy-day possibilities and exciting new experiences, all wrapped up in a historical bow.

Resort Summary

The city of Siracusa was founded almost 3,000 years ago. It was built next door to Ortygia, a small island connected to the mainland by three bridges. Ancient Ortygia became a cultural centre to rival Athens. Greek scholars and the poet Pindar raved about it, calling it ‘the grandest of cities.’

Holidays to Siracusa promise plenty of culture. Picture broad piazzas lined with Baroque facades, and honey-tinted buildings that are home to inspiring galleries and museums. You’ll find paintings by great masters, atmospheric castles and ornate fountains in this stunning city.