A guide to the best restaurants in Olbia

It’s no secret that the food in Italy is consistently top notch, and it carries through to the island of Sardinia. Every dish, no matter how simple, is packed full of the freshest and most flavourful ingredients that bless the landscape. The coastal town of Olbia is blessed with a few unique delicacies to make the cuisine even better. The area also boasts an impressive fishing heritage, meaning that the seafood here is out of this world.

Warm smiles and full bellies at San Giovanni

From the moment you walk in the door at San Giovanni’s you know the meal is going to be a good one. The warm atmosphere, the welcoming smiles and the rich scent of suckling pig are sure to lure you in for an evening you won’t forget in a hurry.

Alfresco family dining at La Rocca

For a classic Sardinian spread be sure to hit La Rocca, one of Olbia’s prettiest restaurants. La Rocca comes particularly recommended for families due to its great outdoor chill area, complete with stunning seafood and a wine list for the grown ups.

The real deal at La Sartoria del Gusto

La Sartoria del Gusto provides a truly immersive experience, from the owner who doesn’t speak a word of English to the intense flavours of the prawn risotto and Mediterranean platters. Enter with confidence and prepare to plunge yourself into the local culture.

The artistic Med spread at Il Mattacchione

From homemade breads to beds of roasted courgette, everything at Il Mattacchione is prepared with the highest level of care and attention. There’s an artistic twist to many of the meals served here, making it a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

A hidden treasure at GiroPizza

This local favourite is the hidden gem of Olbia. GiroPizza has all the toppings the family are after, plus options for vegetarian and gluten-free eaters. Charming and cosy, nestle yourself into a seat in the garden and let the balmy evening soothe and inspire you.

Simply brilliant at Bacchus Ristorante

The dishes that Bacchus cooks up are insanely good, loaded with dramatic flavours that come in all colours, shapes and sizes. It’s a classy affair through and through, with a clean white interior. But all the family are welcome and there’s a selection of more familiar dishes for the little ones.

Set sail on a culinary adventure at Dolceacque

A small family-run restaurant located in the heart of Olbia, Dolceacque is a Sardinian treasure and serves up the local flavours that holidays in Sardinia are known for. The seabass and shrimp come particularly recommended and with perfect wine pairings every time, you’ll soon be on your own culinary adventure.

Keep 'em coming at Agriturismo Agrisole

The Agriturismo concept is simple – you don’t choose your food, it just keeps coming. The Agrisole restaurant is focused on creating a rustic, cosy atmosphere, and rest assured that whatever comes out of the kitchen is bound to be top notch.

Dough it your way at Pizzeria Funchal

The simple, tasty pizzas at Pizzeria Funchal make use of only the best Sardinian ingredients, with confidence that less is more. All of the staff here speak English, so you can confidently ask for whichever combinations of toppings take your fancy.

Dinner and a view at Stazza Li Paladini

What you’ll find at Stazza Li Paladini is soft lighting, rustic decoration and Italian food that’ll make your mouth water for days afterwards. That and a posh set menu for just €40 per person is what sets this restaurant apart from all the rest in Olbia.