Carovigno Holidays 2024/2025

Carovigno is an Italian town where history and culture meet olive groves and fantastic food. The town boasts castles and churches all drenched in glorious hot sun, with magnificent beaches within reach. A holiday to Carovigno lets you experience the untouched side of Italy.

Carovigno Holiday Deals

Olive oil and golden sun

While holidaymakers love Italy, sometimes it pays to see this stunning country at its very heart. Of course, it’s all about location too, and that’s why travellers in the know have come to favour holidays to Carovigno.

This pretty Puglia town is brilliantly placed, with a 20-minute drive linking you to white-washed Ostuni in all its majesty. A 15-minute drive winds you to the coast, where beaches along Costa Merlatta await beside old seafront fortress communities like Torre Santa Sabina. Yet Carovigno has plenty to offer itself, and there are countless reasons why it deserves your time.

Culture and castles

While Carovigno holidays let you lap up the sunshine, they’re also a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the classic culture and rich history of the region. The town itself is filled with pale white buildings, and the old quarter is bisected from the rest of Carovigno by the ruins of ancient walls dating back to Messapic times. Proud towers like those found in Tuscany give a medieval feel to the place, while a real blast from the past can be found at Dentice di Frasso.

That castle dates back to the 100s, having changed hands countless times across the centuries. For less than €5 you’re free to wander its impressive courtyard and various battlements, with superb views to be had from the top. Elsewhere in Carovigno, the Mother Church is a gorgeous Renaissance-style building that oozes grace.

More broadly speaking, you’ll find much of Carovigno proud of its olive oil heritage too. The olive oil made here is famous across and beyond Italy for its quality, and you can tour groves surrounding the town or buy a bottle or two in the shops to try.

Beautiful beaches

With the Adriatic Sea so close, it makes sense that Carovigno puts you in reach of some of the best and most secluded beaches in Italy. A big part of what makes these coastal areas so beautiful is the respect that Puglia has for its environment.

You’re encouraged to go along with that too – so for instance, beaches around Torre Guaceto are inspiring in their beauty, but you can’t bathe in the sea here as the marine life is under the watch of the World Wild Fund for Nature.

Luckily, you still have lots of freedom to swim and splash elsewhere though. In fact, near Carovigno Italy hides some of its most secluded shores, including the little cove of Isoletta. Even the more popular resort town of Santa Sabina hides the Grotto del Moro caves beside its other swathes of sand.

Delightful dining opportunities

No trip to Italy could be complete without some fantastic cuisine, and Carovigno provides plenty of that. While the famous olive oil of the region makes dishes all the more rich and delicious, you’ll find that there’s some decent variety to what you can eat here too.

Carovigno bristles with trendy restaurants, such as Already Under The Arch, a white-walled treat whose arched ceilings leave a grand impression. Traditional Italian pastas and sauces are served up here with contemporary twists, much as they are in Art Cafe La Loggia a short stroll away.

Pizzas served up from wood-fired ovens with heaps of generous toppings should definitely be experienced in Carovigno too. Check out Olympo Ristopizza or Pizzeria Isola Verde for filling slices in sumptuous surroundings.

After dark, Carvigno is a relaxed yet upbeat place to play. You’ll find that, as with much of Italy, many of the bars in town are coffee shops in the daytime. That’s definitely the case in the colourful Bar Crescent, which serves up pastries, gelato and mochas by day, and pours spirits, beers and cocktails by night.


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