A guide to the best restaurants in Torri Del Benaco

Nobody can turn down good Italian food, and the culinary delights waiting to be discovered in Torri del Benaco are no exception. From lakeside retreats to superb family run establishments, the dinners you’ll enjoy during your holiday to Italy will be as memorable as your sunny days at the shores of Lake Garda. Get stuck into these recommendations below.

Dine al fresco at La Tavernetta

The handsome plaza outside this creamy-coloured building makes for spectacular sunset views over Lake Garda while you dine. This cosy establishment is most famous for its handmade pizzas, with the house special, Pizza Ala Marea, promising a grand infusions of cheeses, meats, herbs and spices. The pastas, wines and tiramisu are superb as well, so don’t focus on those succulent slices alone.

Go gluten-free at La Regata

This waterfront restaurant wins big brownie points with those of us looking closely at our diets, thanks to its gluten-free options. Paninis and pizzas light up the menu with locally sourced ingredients, cooked to perfection. Enjoy the humble charm of La Regata while dining on the pier beside bobbing yachts.

Eat some fresh fish at Osteria del 4

The modern front facade of this restaurant has a sheer glass finish, yet inside it’s as traditional as they come, right down to the dark wooden chairs and the red chequered tablecloth. That commitment to tradition shines through in the food too, where Italian flavours are joined by seafood salads and particularly tasty perch.

All in the family at La Taverna da Stefano

Converted from an old fisherman’s retreat into a cosy family run affair, this place does a superb trade in wines sourced from vineyards but a few miles up the road. The food’s good too, of course, with saucy spaghetti dishes and some prime meat cutlets to satisfy your appetite.

Love the risotto of Ristorante Pizzeria del Porto

Living up to its name, this classy yet affordable place offers homemade pizzas right on the waterfront of the harbour. Yet a tour of the menu is absolutely encouraged if you ask us, particularly with regards to the risotto options, the vegetarian dishes and the dazzling desserts. Staff are fast, friendly and happy to help.

Get romantic at Ristorante Gardesana

From its candlelit balcony seats to its sumptuous interior, everything here is designed with your pleasure in mind. That extends to the menu too, featuring delicate tempura prawns and delightful cakes for dessert.

Downtown dining at Trattoria Al Sestante

Another family run business, infused with love in every morsel. The meat and cheese platters and canneloni make for a good starter and main combo, but once again it’s the gluten-free and vegan options that really rake in the rave reviews. Dulcet red surroundings make for a cosy evening meal.

Dine up on the hillside at Trattoria Loncrino

Boasting even greater views than many of the already listed restaurants, this venue is famous for its rabbit and veal as much as its sea bass and shrimp. Yet for many visitors, it’s a cool beer and a classic hot lasagne that really bring the flavours home, and they’re only too happy to oblige.

A shell of a good meal at Osteria La Barchessa

Shrimp and prawns served with shells make this seafood specialist shine, yet there’s so much going on here besides. The wine list is extensive and the pasta portions plentiful. The tagliatelle with beef, covered in smatterings of Parmesan cheese, has won fans over far and wide.

Make new friends at Pizzeria Ristorante Alla Grotta

The owners of this stone baking specialist have been known to personally escort guests to their tables, ensuring your experience is personalised. They are also experts in an extra spicy spaghetti dish that marks them as a favourite in many eyes. Expect unforgettable flavours in photogenic surroundings, together with seafood pizza dishes that see oysters perched on your plate.