A guide to the best restaurants in Garda

The restaurants available on Lake Garda holidays typically offer views of the water with their mains, and as with any resort that comes so close to the waves, seafood undoubtedly comes into play – fried, grilled, topped on pizza, salads or pastas. Garda is no different, so prepare yourself to feast on prawns, salmon and clams for days, but don’t let the prospect of prime real estate make you think it’s just luxury in store. Cheap Lake Garda holidays in this little resort are more than available, and the restaurants follow suit.

A charming terrace at Osteria Caffe Amaro

To get a spot outdoors on this little cafe’s tree-lined terrace, you’ll need to book in advance. It’s sought-out in the summer months, with delicious cuisine that’s local to its core. Pasta with red pesto, stew, berry cheesecake and the house wine are all worthy additions to any dinner table.

Lively atmosphere at La Bussola

Seafood crowns the menu at this warm and often buzzing little restaurant, delighting in the form of pasta with salmon and broccoli, topped with clams or crab legs. But there are also dishes of a more familiar variety, like chicken and chips, steak and thin-crust pizza.

Waterfront edging at Cafe La Vittoria

Tucked up right along the waterfront and with gorgeous views of the waves, Cafe La Vittoria is upscale in nature but with classic Italian dishes necessary for a classic Italian lakes holiday. Here, you’ll have beef filet carpaccio, seared tuna and linguine with baby calamari, often served with complimentary bruschetta.

Family-sized portions for one at La Lanterna

Before arriving at La Lanterna, you should be prepared to feast – the portions here are that big. Fried seafood platters will get you started, seconded only by pizza completely covered in parma ham. Pasta dishes are heavy with seafood and served with sides of grilled vegetables, while free glasses of wine upon arrival make a trip here even more enjoyable.

Italian pies at Pizzeria Viavai

Pizza is undoubtedly the name of the game at Pizzeria Viavai, served in a deep dish calzone or a traditional crispy-crust pizza topped with vegetables and wafer thin ham. There are other dishes too, like seafood pasta and gnocchi with gorgonzola and honey. Whatever you order, a glass of limoncello comes free.

Port dining at Osteria al Porto

Osteria al Porto does what it says on the tin. It’s located right along the port, with views of the boats just a few feet away. The food here is traditional Italian, with a menu boasting generous seafood selections, coming in the form of sharable platters, pasta, on salads and in risottos.

Mystery menus at Trattoria Al Graspo

This little restaurant has the cosiness as if it were your own home, but if you could cook gourmet Italian seafood. There’s no menu here, but instead a more or less never-ending supply of seafood that just ends up at your table. What’s more is that the set overhead price includes wine too.

Hillside swank at Ristorante AI BEATI

The views at this hillside restaurant can’t be beaten, extending out over the village and across to the lake. The restaurant is more or less carved into the stone, and has a real cave-like quality, though the white tablecloth service and plates of sea bass and tuna will have you feeling particularly posh.

Hidden seafood eats at Casa Lady Garda

Located just around the corner from the waterfront and down an hidden side street, Casa Lady Garda cashes in on the atmosphere with a seafood menu to match. On the menu are salads topped with mussels, seafood spaghetti and the Italian version of schnitzel, plus classic servings of pizza.

Gourmet for days at Ristorante La Terra

For an upscale meal served in a creative way, Ristorante La Terra is a work of art, especially with its bright, sun-drenched terrace. The portions might be a little on the smaller side, but you’re paying for quality. There are five-course set menus or dishes like scallops to start you off, followed by pork or steak fillets.