Minori Holidays 2024/2025

With its tumble of historic buildings set against mountainous backdrop and cliffs dipping into the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Minori is a quintessential town on the Amalfi Coast. Holidays in Minori, Italy, offer you the perfect opportunity to explore the coast or simply get a taste of the town’s delights, from evening drinks overlooking the beach to strolling the backstreets of the small town. Superb accommodation and eating options, Roman remains, amazing scenery and a perfect climate await you.

Minori Holiday Deals

Hit the beach

The Amalfi Coast gets its character from its ruggedness, with mountains and cliffs offering visitors an endless supply of wonderful memories – and photo opportunities. The region offers stunning beaches too, and one of the best examples can be found during your holidays in Minori, Italy.

The town spiaggia (beach) offers you a chance to dip your toes in the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea while enjoying some warm sunshine. As with most popular Italian beaches, you can always hire a lettino (sunbed) and ombrellone (parasol) to help you relax. Bag a spot and enjoy the opportunity while on your Minori holidays to can relax in your own little world and take in the sound of the lapping waves.

Indulge your tastebuds

Holidays to Minori, Italy, of course must involve some indulgent local cuisine. The town has earned itself the name Città del Gusto (‘city of taste’). This title is particularly associated with pastries, which can be enjoyed at places like the Sal de Riso, which is a delightful a café, pasticceria (pastry shop) and gelateria.

The English word pastry doesn’t really cut it to cover the delights you’ll find in such places, like cakes and fruit tarts, chocolate and custards. You could sample a couple of these every day and still not experience the full diversity.

As well as sweet treats, Minori is also famous for other foods – it is Italy after all, and Campania to boot. They even have their own local type of pasta, scialatielli, a delicious ruffled type of strip noodle.

Hike among lemon trees

If you do find yourself over-indulging in the pastries and pasta (and why shouldn’t you? You’re on your holidays to Minori!), then perhaps a hike might balance things out. Walking the coastline is a great way to experience the famed Amalfi mountains. The Sentiero dei Limoni (Path of Lemons) is an old route connecting Minori with its neighbouring town of Maiori. Although it’s paved and quite short – about 4 kilometers each way – there are some steep sections and steps. But there are drinking fountains along the way, and you’ll be richly rewarded for the effort not just with the lemon trees (as you’d expect) but some amazing views of the sea, cliffs, mountains and terraced hillsides.

Explore the historic town

Minori is small town, with a population of less than 3,000. In fact, the town takes its name from the Latin for small, like the English ‘minor’ (with Maiori meaning ‘large’/’major’). There’s still plenty to see and do though on your Minori holidays – you can easily fill your days there quietly wandering around and enjoying the culture.

People have been living here for millennia – archaeology suggests it’s one of the earliest inhabited parts of the Amalfi coast. Ancient Roman aristocrats built holiday homes here, and you can enjoy a very interesting excursion visiting the remains of one such villa.

A slightly newer building is the Basilica di Santa Trofimena. This impressive church is named after a female martyr from Sicily whose history is bound in local legend. Take a break from your explorations and enjoy a sweet treat with refreshments at the pasticcerie and gelaterie.

Retrace the steps of famous tourists

Holidays to Minori, Italy, are the perfect chance to explore the coast, much of which can be reached via the seasonal TraVelMar ferry, which hops between Positano and Salerno. You can catch it from Minori and sail along to Amalfi town, Minori’s slightly larger cousin. Of course, visiting the towns themselves is wonderful, but seeing the coastline from the sea is also a breath-taking experience, sheltered by the majesty of the cliffs and mountains.

Talking of which, if you feel like another walk, you can reach Ravello in about 45 minutes. There are a lot of steps, so only attempt if you’re comfortably fit, and avoid if it’s very hot!

Here, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views from this famed Amalfi eyrie. Over the years, this location has attracted such figures as Richard Wagner, Greta Garbo, Virginia Woolf, and artist MC Escher (who created all the mind-bending stairways).

Your holidays to Italy must involve a trip to the Amalfi Coast. It achieved its UNESCO World Heritage status for a reason: it’s incomparably beautiful and historically fascinating. The coastline is dotted with characterful, charming little towns just waiting to be explored. Holidays to Minori offer you the chance to familiarise yourself with one such gem. Stay and relax, or use Minori as a gateway to the coast, the other towns, the sites and the paths that wind through these stunning coastal mountains.


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