A guide to food and drink in Candolim

There’s Indian food, then there’s eating Indian food on a beach watching the sun go down. Visit Candolim for your Goa holidays, and you’ll find that indulging in delicious dishes with sand between your toes is part of everyday life. With beachside barbecue shacks, fiery curry houses and sea-view restaurants, dining here is a major part of the holiday experience.

Exploring Candolim's delicacies

Along with world class beaches, Candolim is famous for fresh seafood, used in an incredible array of dishes. Curries are the town’s trademark, with spicy and delicious sauces taking pride of place on most menus. Paired with a cold Asian beer, this is taste-bud bliss. 400 years of Portuguese occupation has also left its mark on the cuisine, with European food surprisingly easy to find but with a unique Asian flair.

Get authentic at Earthen Oven

Sitting on the main strip, Earthen Oven is the place to go for authentic North Indian flavour. The staple is the tandoori food, which is cooked in front of you in the show kitchen’s earthen oven. Watching, not to mention smelling, your food being grilled over coal makes that aromatic tandoori chicken even more satisfying.

The stars of the show are the tikka dishes – the Sikandri Raan leg of lamb is a special signature. For veggies there’s an array of options, including a tandoori salad of curried cottage cheese, onion and tomato roasted in the tandoori oven. This authentic food is accompanied by entertainment including dancers and a late-night DJ.

Rocking views at Wok and Roll

After being wowed by the panoramic sea views on your holidays to Goa, you’ll be won over by the beautiful South East Asian cuisine on offer at Wok and Roll. With all dishes using fresh ingredients from the market, Tai and Chinese specialities, and spectacular cocktails, this is the place to get to grips with Asia’s finest tastes.

The banana-wrapped grilled chicken and fish is a good place to start, followed by the decadent honey-glazed pork spare ribs. If you’re looking for more of a kick, the appropriately named fire cracker prawns certainly deliver.

Try something different at Tuscany Gardens

You might not expect to be reminded of the rolling hills of Tuscany whilst in India, but sure enough if it’s Italian you’re after, head to the outskirts of Candolim to Tuscany Gardens.

One of the most popular restaurants in the area, this al fresco Italian offers classic dishes like pasta and risotto at a great price. Pizza is baked in the wood oven, and paired with Tuscan wine, so this will be something a little different during your time in India.

A new dish a day at Horizon Grill

If variety is the spice of life, make sure you try some of the dishes at Horizon Grill, which has one of the most diverse menus in the town. With tandoori seafood, curries, and even a pie menu, there’s a dish for each day of your holiday.

The fillet steak is famous in Candolim, as is the melt in the mouth chocolate lava cake dessert. Horizon Grill also offers a breakfast menu with omelettes in every variety, toasted sandwiches, and of course massive milkshakes.

Beachside dining at Bobby's Shack

Another grill to end the list, this time right on the beach on the west coast of the town. This charming shack is run by friendly and attentive staff, and the picturesque views are beaten only by the food.

Sit back and watch the sun set behind the sea whilst enjoying signature curries and fragrant rice. The standout here though is the fish menu – you can’t get much more fresh than this.