Articles about Goa

Planning a holiday to Goa? Have a read through our articles for information about this small and welcoming Indian state to help you map out your next holiday. With guides to the cuisine, wildlife and UNESCO sites of Goa, we’ve got all you need to know for your next Indian adventure.

Cuisine in Goa

If you’re planning a trip to Goa, you might already have quite a fondness for the culture and cuisine of India. However, this stretch of the great country’s western coast has also been influenced by colonial history as much as its neighbours on the map, scattered across the Arabian Sea.

Beach parties and music in Goa

Goa might be India’s party capital, but it wasn’t always so. The nightlife scene here has had a lot of TLC over the years, stemming from the hippies that caught wind of the destination’s gorgeous beaches and laid-back lifestyle. Cue the waterfront parties and the birth of a new music style called Goa trance, which continues to leave its mark on modern electronic music to this day.

Do I need a visa for Goa?

All UK residents planning a holiday in Goa need to have a visa. The application process has been simplified and Brits who are holders of UK passports and are British citizens can apply for an eTourist Visa, e-TV, from the Indian High Commission.

How much money should I take to Goa?

Being prepared can ensure your holiday goes off without any hiccups so check out our guide to spending money in Goa. You’ll generally find it much cheaper than the UK, but having a budget always helps!

The weather in Goa

Goa boasts warm temperatures all year round so you’re guaranteed that glowing tan, but there is a wet season which some holiday makers prefer to avoid – although, you can get some really great prices during this time!