Do I need a visa for Goa?

All UK residents planning a holiday in Goa need to have a visa. The application process has been simplified and Brits who are holders of UK passports and are British citizens can apply for an eTourist Visa, e-TV, from the Indian High Commission.

How much is a visa for Goa?

The e-TV costs £46, though this fee can be more if you’re applying through an agency. The standard tourist visa costs £100 and can also be obtained by the Indian High Commission. Even if you’re travelling through India en-route to another final destination, you will need a transit visa.

If you’re travelling with an e-TV, be sure to print it out before you go, as otherwise you may have to pay to print it at the airport.

How long does it take to apply for a visa?

It takes about three working days for the authorities to process a visa as long as you have submitted the correct paperwork. If you’re applying for an e-TV you’ll need to provide a scanned copy of the first page of your passport and a digital photograph uploaded in a jpg format. You should ensure that the photograph is set against a plain background and the width and height of the photograph are equal.

How long are visas valid for?

The standard tourist visa that’s valid for a year will cost £109.44, and a visa that’s valid for up to five years will cost £309.44. This visa is issued for recreational purposes only, anyone looking to work or carry out business in India should apply for a business visa. While the e-TV is valid for 30 days from the date of entry into India, those wishing to stay for up to six months in India should apply for a standard tourist visa.

Are there any other visa restrictions?

You have to ensure that your passport can be scanned by a machine, otherwise access will be denied.

As long as your passport is valid for at least 180 days from your proposed holiday in India, and has at least two clean pages with spaces for stamps and legal formalities, you will fulfil the Indian government’s entry requirements.