Klettur Hotel

The Klettur Hotel is in a prime location in the centre of Reykjavik. The hotel gives a nod to Icelandic cultures and traditions. On the first floor, you’ll even find a rock bursting through the wall! According to legend, it’s home to elves and it couldn’t be disturbed when they built the property.

Breakfast here sets you up for busy days, so you’re ready to get out and explore the best of Iceland. As part of our holidays to Iceland, you get two excursions included in your package, so you can see all of the best bits of this beautiful country after a hearty breakfast.

After you’ve returned to the hotel, a bar opens in the evening. There’s a good selection of Icelandic beers here as well as comfy leather sofas and a widescreen television.

Overview of Reykjavik

Iceland is known as ‘the land of ice and fire’. A country of great contrasts, it’s a great spot for a sightseeing break.

Reykjavik is the nation’s capital. It’s also its largest city and a hub of activity. Home to brilliant hotels like the Klettur Hotel, soothing spas where you can relax and recharge, a busy harbour and countless nightspots, you can do something different each day.

It’s also a great space to explore the surrounding areas in Iceland. This includes waterfalls, caves, volcanoes and even the elusive Northern Lights.

Things to do in Reykjavik

The Klettur Hotel is in a prime location in the centre of Reykjavik, so you’re close to shops, restaurants and the picturesque harbour.

In the centre of Reykjavik, you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Iceland’s Nordic roots. With a host of stunning architecture, countless museums that showcase the best of the country’s history and intriguing cuisine, it’s an authentic place for a break.

Outside the centre of Reykjavik, you can head to the famous mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. The waters here have healing properties, so you’ll feel rejuvenated from the experience.

With a stay in Reykjavik, you can replenish your energy in a spa before you expel it hiking the mountainous terrain and partying the night away.

Resort Summary

Iceland holidays feature volcanic landscapes and unique heritage. But a city break to Reykjavik is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Iceland’s Nordic roots combined with contemporary style. The city is beautifully laid out, has community spirit in abundance and a host of stunning architecture, with the hotels forming just one part of that appeal.

Explore the streets and you’ll find cosy cafes that become nightlife hotspots after dark, together with all kinds of intriguing cuisine and a series of popular shopping districts. Beyond those appealing distractions are country tours and the famous mineral-rich water of the Blue Lagoon, making Reykjavik as rejuvenating as it is exciting.