A guide to the best restaurants in Limni Keriou

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a meal by the beach at Limni Keriou or in the village of Keri, there’s plenty of choice to cater for most tastes and budgets. Being so close to the sea, many of the dishes on restaurant and tavern menus revolve around fish and seafood.

Traditional food with a view at Taverna Keri

Sitting right by the sea and with a great view of Turtle Island, Taverna Keri is an idyllic spot to enjoy an evening meal as the sun sets. Choose from a range of traditional Greek dishes that include briam, lamb kleftiko and fried anchovies. The grilled octopus and red snapper are also highly recommended.

Fantastic fruits of the sea at Isalos Restaurant

The menu at Isalos Restaurant is just bursting with fresh fish and seafood. Some of the most popular are grilled dishes, including sea bass, red snapper, octopus and lobster. Also try the seafood tagliatelle or traditional kleftiko. The reasonably priced house white wine goes particularly well with fish and seafood and is absolutely delicious.

Friendly and relaxed service at Remezzo

With its stunning location beside the sea and choice of indoor or outdoor dining, Remezzo offers an enjoyable and laid-back dining experience. Both the owner and staff are welcoming, and the service is quick. The menu offers a range of seafood dishes as well as meals such as chargrilled pork chops, pizza and pasta, making it the ideal restaurant for children.

Rustic atmosphere and beautiful views at Sunset Taverna

On a clear evening, take the short drive into the village of Keri for an unforgettable meal at Sunset Taverna. The speciality here is grilled skewered pork, with the local delicacy of frigania a firm favourite on the dessert menu. Enjoy the warm atmosphere of this traditional Greek tavern as you take in spectacular views of the sun setting over the hills.