Ntinas Filoxenia

The Ntinas Filoxenia offers a typical taste of Greece thanks to its weekly barbecues and traditional dancing nights.

As the hotel is nestled into the hills, most of the rooms here also come with either sweeping views of the Aegean Sea or the pine-topped mountains.

Within the grounds of the hotel, you’ll find two pools. One’s a rectangular number with a bolt-on whirlpool bath, and the other’s a split-level pool that comes with a shallow section for kids. Between them, there’s a snack bar.

Next to the hotel’s sun terrace, little ones have a playground to run around in. There’s a climbing frame with a built-in slide and some swings. Plus, during the summer, the hotel hosts activities like crafts and movie screenings.

The hotel’s restaurant is in a central spot and you can eat on a terrace that faces out to sea. You’ll find buffets complete with homemade desserts.

Overview of Skala Potamias

Sitting quietly at the east end of the leafy island of Thassos, Skala Potamias offers a relaxing break. It’s not quite as developed here as it is in some of the other resorts on the island, which is part of the resort’s charm.

When you stay in Skala Potamias during your holiday to Thassos, you’ll spend your days lounging on golden sands, cooling down in the warm, tranquil waters and enjoying authentic cuisine in the traditional tavernas. With picturesque mountains and coasts to explore though, when you stay at the Ntinas Filoxenia, the whole island is your oyster as it’s easy to get out and explore.

Things to do in Skala Potamias

When you leave the Ntinas Filoxenia, a five-minute walk takes you to Golden Beach. This stretch of soft, caramel-coloured sand is backed by tree-cloaked hills and a string of bars and tavernas. The fine sands and shallow waters are great spots for relaxing, but you can also take part in water sports including jet skis, banana boats and kayaks.

Just off the back of the beach, you can enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine. Fresh local produce is always on the menu and, because honey is produced locally, you’ll even find bakeries and pastry shops selling authentic baklava and sweets.

If you’re looking for a relaxing break that’s full of simple pleasures, Skala Potamias comes highly recommended.

Resort Summary

Skala Potamias is a popular summer resort just south of Golden Beach. Covered in spectacular granite mountains, pine trees and olive groves, Mount Ipsario towers over the small seaside village, providing a spectacular backdrop.

Built into the valley at the foot of Ipsario, surrounded by pine and sweet chestnut forests, lies the traditional village of Skala Potamias with its whitewashed buildings. Nearby trails can be walked or biked giving you a great opportunity to explore the island. Mountain villages like Panagia are on the way – one of the most picturesque and photogenic in Thassos. For the more enthusiastic you can spend half a day climbing Mount Ipsario to get breathtaking views of the island.