Villa Apollon Apartments

The sea views at the Villa Apollon Apartments keep people coming back year after year.

The hotel also has a good-sized pool built into a terrace overlooking the sea. At one end of the terrace, there’s a pool bar that serves breakfasts in the morning and then drinks, snacks and fruity cocktails throughout the day. There’s also a satellite television at the bar that shows live sport.

In the evening, one of the owners cooks up big meals. A little glance on TripAdvisor will show you how highly guests rate her skills!

Overview of Achladies Bay

Skiathos is only a tiny island, but it packs a lot in. It’s lined with beautiful beaches, pine forests and whitewashed buildings. Plus, thanks to the island’s diminutive size, it’s easy to explore on your holiday to Skiathos. The public transport on the island is excellent, so you can reach any resort or beach you fancy.

The only exception to the relaxing vibe in Skiathos is the capital of Skiathos Town, which is just around the bay from the Villa Apollon Apartments. It’s lively in the evening when the bars are in full swing.

Things to do in Skiathos

The Villa Apollon Apartments is set on a leafy hillside overlooking Achladies Bay.

There’s a sandy beach five minutes’ walk away with a water sports centre. You can also hire a boat to explore the coastline. The waters are also some of the clearest in Greece, so it’s a great spot for diving. At the back of the beach, you can dine with a view.

Skiathos Town is also only a five-minute bus ride away. It’s rich in history and includes the only inhabited monastery on the island. Rumour has it that this was the place that flew the first independent flag of Greece. With a trip to Skiathos, you’ll enjoy a cool, calm and collected holiday in the sunshine!

Resort Summary

If you love watersports or feel compelled to relax on a sun-baked beach, then Achladies Bay is a wonderful base to centre your Skiathos holiday activities. It’s straightforward to get to nearby Skiathos Town from here – simply hail a water taxi or catch a bus from the main road. Try taking the water taxi after the sun sets if only to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Achladies Bay has a couple of shops, as well as a bakery, and it’s easy to find snacks and drinks at the beachside tavernas. Live music and WiFi access are just a few of the attractions these outlets provide. If you’re looking for a wider range of shops, a vibrant nightlife and sailing opportunities then the short trip to Skiathos Town is worthwhile, returning later to the peace and tranquility of Achladies in order to relax.

Walkers will enjoy following simple goat tracks to the idyllic Kalamaki peninsula on their holidays to Greece. With its hidden coves and remote beaches, this location is great for simply getting away from it all. There are no buses to the Kalamaki peninsular from Achladies, but there are half-hourly water taxis from Skiathos Town.