A guide to the best restaurants in Samos Town

When looking to try something different on Samos holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to eat high-quality authentic Greek food in Samos Town. Our list of the best restaurants in town is dominated by traditional tavernas, but with such delicious local produce lovingly prepared to tried-and-tested recipes, you won’t be disappointed. Since Samos Town is a port, you’re guaranteed to get freshly caught fish and seafood all over town. Samos‘ traditional moussaka recipe is also famous and worth trying at any of the tavernas for a real Greek island holiday flavour.

Go traditional at Vergina

Located near Gangou Beach, Vergina is a simple Greek taverna specialising in local and Mediterranean food. Walk just 10 minutes from the centre of town and you’ll find this charming traditional tavern with a beach view. Try the gyros or grilled octopus – you can even order from the restaurant’s sunbeds.

Home cooking at To Steki

Popular with the locals, Mrs Roula home-cooks traditional Greek cuisine. Set in a beautiful back garden just behind the harbour, this is a typical Greek family taverna, and all the dishes at To Steki are made with fresh, local ingredients, including freshly caught fish of the day. Mrs Roula’s moussaka is famous, as are her cheese pies and dolmades.

Spectacular sunsets at Tasos Tavern

Another authentic Greek taverna, Tasos Tavern sets itself apart from the rest by way of its romantic location. On a terrace above the beach, the restaurant has prime views of the amazing sunsets Samos Town enjoys. The mixed seafood starter, moussaka, and slow-cooked lamb are all highly recommended.

Sweet treats at Pame Platia

Open 24 hours at the weekend, Pame Platia is a charming cafe on the main square in town. It serves coffee, ice cream, snacks, sweet and savoury crepes, and lots of different desserts. Plus there’s both indoor and outdoor seating.

A taste of Italy at Pizza di Napoli

Along the main road from the port, Pizza di Napoli brings Greek and Italian cuisine together in a relaxed, taverna-style setting. Pizza, pasta, vegetarian options and traditional Greek food are all available at this restaurant, which can claim to be one of the oldest pizzerias in the area and is very popular with the locals.

Local favourites at Restaurant Zen

Just a few streets away from the bustling main square of Samos Town, this relaxed taverna with a sea view provides a break from the busy town. With plenty of seafood, mezze-style dishes, and traditional Greek fare, Zen is popular with locals and tourists alike.