La Marquise

Spanning an impressive 12,000 square metres, La Marquise is one of the largest and most exciting hotels in Rhodes. If you manage to prise yourself away from the comfort of your room, the collection of eight restaurants and bars serve up the best buffet-style fresh, local ingredients and refreshing drinks throughout the day. The hotel boasts seven freshwater public swimming pools, two of which are exclusively for adult use only. However, the Blue Flag coastline of Kallithea Beach is also an enticing option – especially when the beach towels, sunbeds and umbrellas are complimentary!

Overview of Rhodes

Located south-east of the Greek mainland and the largest of the collection of Dodecanese islands, the popularity of holidays to Rhodes goes far beyond its eight months of continuous sunshine, majestic beaches and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town. The major ferry destination is also renowned for its collection of luxurious resorts like the stunning La Marquise, which seamlessly nestles into the natural surroundings of the Aegean Sea and flourishing plant life. There is an abundance of delicious Mediterranean cuisine, long stretches of golden beaches, turquoise waters and a luscious but mountainous landscape. The island of Rhodes presents the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration.

Things to do in Rhodes

Not only is Rhodes the most historically prominent of the Dodecanese islands, but the diversity of the island speaks to the interests of a range of holidaymakers, too. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a fascination with past civilisations, indulge in the scenic beauty, be a part of the buzzing nightlife, visit mesmerising beaches or simply sample the best of Mediterranean cuisine, holidays to Rhodes are an absolute must. A ferry port town, Rhodes is a short distance from neighbouring popular Greek destinations in the wider Dodecanese and Cyclades islands. It is also a short one-hour ferry ride away from Turkey, making it an exciting base from which to explore via a series of day trips, after which you can rest easy in the comfort of your room at La Marquise. It’s time to start your Greek island adventure! With a host of exciting options in and outside of your hotel, as well as being in close proximity to equally stunning and inspiring Greek and Turkish destinations, Rhodes is a great choice for a well-rounded and fulfilling European getaway in the sun.

Resort Summary

Aside from the expected combination of sun, sea and sand that this resort provides so effectively, Kalithea is also famous for its selection of natural bathing spas.

By the sea you can scuba and snorkel through the clear waters while on land you can enjoy the mini-markets, cafes tavernas and bars.

Holidays to Kalithea ensure that visiting tourists are not left wanting in terms or excitement or facilities but the overriding theme is relaxation. Families and couples will love this resort and the towns and cities that are so close by.