Amilia Mare Beach Resort

White-washed and looking beautiful, the Amilia Mare Beach Resort is a striking hotel with a private beach and a selection of lovely pools – one of which is a lagoon with a stunning sea view. There’s even a heated pool indoors if you fancy it. There are floodlit tennis courts, spa treatments, mini golf and football, and the beach is right there when you want it. The property has three bars, with one by the pool, and a bumper four restaurants serving a variety of cuisine. It’s just two minutes on foot from Kalithea and a short drive from Rhodes Town.

Overview of Rhodes

Kalithea is very much the rising star of Greek holiday spots. With its luxurious hotels, year-round good weather, and peaceful, easy-going vibe, it’s a seriously inviting place and deserves to be right up there when making your shortlist of holidays to Rhodes. The setting is perfect, with coastal views to take your breath away and fine beaches on which to bask in the soothing Mediterranean sun. The Amilia Mare Beach Resort, with its awesome array of pools and eateries, is an idyllic place to spend your time here, with the ancient beauty of Rhodes Town a short drive away.

Things to do in Kalithea

The food is fantastic in Kalithea, and there are some super-cute eateries in the town. The Amilia Mare Beach Resort’s private beach is great for snorkelling, and there’s a plethora of colourful life down there to explore. For a small fee you can discover what’s going on in the underwater caves too. If you venture further out into Rhodes Town, there’s a world of shopping on offer, and every May it plays host to the Medieval Rose Festival, where you’ll see knights on horses, jugglers and fire-eaters, and can even get involved in a full-on banquet. Yum. All in all, any break in Kalithea will bring a beautiful simplicity, indulgent relaxation and lovely food. The landscape is stunning, the views are epic, and the sea is wonderfully welcoming. And because the location is so good, all the culture and amenities of Rhodes Town are never far away.

Resort Summary

Aside from the expected combination of sun, sea and sand that this resort provides so effectively, Kalithea is also famous for its selection of natural bathing spas.

By the sea you can scuba and snorkel through the clear waters while on land you can enjoy the mini-markets, cafes tavernas and bars.

Holidays to Kalithea ensure that visiting tourists are not left wanting in terms or excitement or facilities but the overriding theme is relaxation. Families and couples will love this resort and the towns and cities that are so close by.