Yiannis Hotel

Guests love the pool bar at the Yiannis Hotel. From here, you can enjoy your breakfast or afternoon cocktails with views over the pint-sized harbour and the island of Madouri. Nearby, the pool is also edged by a sun deck so you can catch the rays or take a dip.

The rooms in this family-run hotel are housed in a magnolia building that’s accessorised with traditional shutters. Each room also comes with a balcony and a kitchenette, too.

Overview of Nidri

The small island of Lefkas feels like it was made for explorers. It’s only 35 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide, so it’s the perfect size for an adventure. Plus, it’s joined to mainland Greece by a bridge, so you can easily explore further afield.

Most of the resorts are coastal. As a result, lots of people take boat tours or hire their own so they can see and experience all the beaches, towns and villages.

Most holidays to Lefkas are incredibly relaxing affairs. During your stay at the Yiannis Hotel, you’ll spend days relaxing on the sand, visiting nearby resorts and enjoying beautiful Greek food.

Things to do in Lefkas

The Yiannis Hotel is located right on the seafront, so you can make the most of the views out to sea. You’re also only a couple of minutes away from the centre of Nidri.

The busy harbour by the hotel is the hub of the resort. It’s always busy and it often whisks passengers to nearby islands and beaches. You can also hire a boat so you can sail yourself to less busy parts of the island.

The nightlife in Nidri is as lively as it gets in Lefkas and there’s a great choice of restaurants for evening meals where you can try net-fresh seafood. Awaken your inner explorer with a holiday to Lefkas!

Resort Summary

Although some choose to sprawl out on a lounger for the day on Nidri’s beach, what a large numbers of travellers come for is the action to be had in the water. You can rent jet-skis and canoes from the watersports centre, or try your hand at windsurfing and sailing as the wind conditions here tend to be just right.

From Nidri’s harbour you can see across to mainland Greece, with a few little islands marking the distance in between. The water’s edge is lined with boats ready to take you off on trips to the most picturesque parts of Lefkas. Or you can sample the many local walking routes, either on foot or by hiring a bike.

The South Ionian Regatta is held in Nidri every year on the third Thursday in September, when you can see hundreds of pretty sail boats racing across the bay.