A guide to the best restaurants in Stalis

Stalis has a pretty fantastic dining scene – the restaurants here tend to highlight traditional Greek food and, what they do, they do supremely well. Many of the tavernas overlook the beach, so more often than not, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the shores as you dine on your holidays to Greece. Not to mention a shot of raki – a traditional Greek drink that many restaurants in the area offer free-of-charge once you’ve received the bill.

Freshly-squeezed orange juice at Katerina Taverna

Katerina Taverna dishes up authentic Greek eats in a family-run atmosphere, with a healthy selection of English food as well. It’s run by a father-son duo, who even sing and play music some nights, and Mum is in the kitchen. You can sample the highlights with a special of the day, or go Greek with lamb chops or sea bass. On Sunday, full roasts are available, best washed down with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.

Plate smashing at Maria's Golden Beach Tavern Restaurant

Maria’s Golden Beach Tavern includes a large outdoor terrace overlooking – yes, you guessed it – Stalis’s Golden Beach. Here, you can sample traditional Greek dishes like moussaka and grilled octopus. They also host Greek nights throughout the week, with plate smashing and dancing around the restaurant.

Chic beach eats at Akti Bar Restaurant

Stylish Akti brings a little swank to the seaside, with a huge outdoor terrace overlooking the beach. The menu here specialises in seafood, with steak dishes and salads too. Overhead, you’ll find televisions playing sporting matches, but they won’t disturb your meal if you’ve just come for a little peace and quiet.

Gourmet pizzas at Anatolia

Anatolia brings a different shade of cuisine to Stalis’ waterfront, with pizza and salads dominating the menu, plus other dishes like lamb shank and mussels. It’s slightly pricier than its neighbours, but the quality of food and upscale vibes let you know why.

Chicken souvlaki at Kelariko Restaurant

Kelariko is a hidden gem of a restaurant, tucked into a quiet side street off the main beach promenade. It specialises in Greek fare, with standout dishes like chicken souvlaki and cheese pies with honey. When the bill comes around, you’ll be treated to complimentary raki and Greek candy.

Garden-top dining at Jannis Golden Heart

Jannis Golden Heart, with its colourful exterior and leafy gardens, gives off the vibes of a 1960s, psychedelic beach hut. It’s a restaurant at heart though, with Greek cuisine alongside quirkier dishes of suckling pig and mountain goat. Like others around the island, you’ll be given a complimentary dessert and drink once you’ve finished your meal.

British with a Greek twist at The Red Lion

This English pub provides friendly Greek service along the shores of Crete. Throughout the week, the pub puts on quiz nights, bingo games and sporting matches on TV that’ll keep you connected to your team back home. The food here is distinctly British, with Sunday roasts and curries, as well as a few Greek dishes, plus familiar draught beers.

Seaside courtyard at Enplo

Restaurant Creta presents amazing views of the sea, with a roofed terrace that directly overlooks the beach. Like most of the top restaurants in Stalis, this seaside spot specialises in Greek food, with plenty of lamb and seafood dishes, as well as flavourful house wines and a glass of raki at the end of the night. The owners are also known to put on restaurant-wide plate smashing and dancing.

Sugar highs at Sweet World

If you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, Sweet World is your new best friend. This little cafe is a sugary paradise, with cases of freshly-baked pastries, plates of cookies, fruit parfaits, cake and ice cream. They also serve speciality coffee drinks, as well as breakfast and lunch plates like sandwiches and burgers.

Artful cuisine at Artemis Restaurant

Creative presentation is the name of the game at Artemis Restaurant, whose cuisine is taken from all over the world and often served on modern slate plates. The fare here ranges from omelettes to quesadillas, pasta to baked feta, all to be enjoyed while staring out across the beach.