Ilios Malia

Hotels don’t get much more central than Ilios Malia. Located on Malia Beach Road, you’ll find bars, restaurants and clubs just a stone’s throw away. By day, you can relax in a pool with a whirlpool section, or feast at the hotel’s bar and restaurant. On the edge of the pool, you’ll find loungers and parasols on a sun terrace, just waiting to be enjoyed. Inside, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you want to play pool or watch live sports and the latest films on a big-screen TV, the choice is yours. At night, when Malia truly comes alive, so does Ilios Malia, and you’re well-placed to enjoy the party atmosphere.

Overview of Crete

The Greek island of Crete has earned its reputation as the perfect beach holiday. With gorgeous shores, panoramic mountain landscapes and a vibrant nightlife, holidays to Crete offer something for everyone. With the history of Greece going back around 40,000 years, the island is often popular with history lovers, and a number of wondrous ruins can still be seen today. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, and you’ll find the Ilios Malia hotel in the popular tourist destination of Malia, located in the north-east corner. As the island is also the most southerly of the Greek islands, temperatures are warm and welcoming all year round.

Things to do in Crete

Malia is split into two distinct halves. The coastal part of the town is buzzing with neon-lit dance floors and six idyllic beaches, making it the perfect location for party-goers. As the Ilios Malia hotel is located on Malia’s famous strip, there’s no shortage of great nightlife nearby. The other half of Malia contains the old town, which is just a five-minute walk away. You’ll find some respite here, and you can enjoy a coffee or a wine from a terrace overlooking the sea. The cobbled streets add to its charm, and shoppers will love the souvenirs you can find here. The Palace of Knossos, which is the largest archaeological site in Crete, is only an hour-and-a-half away by car. Here, you can wander around the ancient sites and find out all there is to know about the varied history of the island.

Resort Summary

The vibrant town of Malia is made up of two distinct halves, which are split by a main road that’s bursting with energy. The first encompasses the coastal part of town, where you’ll find six beaches backed by bars, plus one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Europe. On the other half of town is where quieter days are spent, strolling along the cobbled lanes of Malia’s old town and sipping coffee from the terrace of a local taverna.

Because really, there’s no need to pick between raucous and laid-back holidays – in Malia, you can have them both.