A guide to the best restaurants in Georgioupolis

The restaurants in Georgioupolis treat diners on holiday to Greece to a range of mouth-wateringly fresh Greek food in relaxed settings. You can sample lamb chops in a leafy courtyard and sip cocktails along the waterfront, nosh on chocolate cake from a street-side patio and eat a full English breakfast off the town’s main square. And with a large selections of tavernas and cafes dotting the streets, you needn’t choose just one for your entire holiday.

Fruity cocktails at The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club hits the mark no matter what time of day you visit. There are full English breakfasts to get you started in the morning, salads and lamb shanks for lunch and dinner, and a dessert menu for afterwards. The cuisine is a blend of European favourites and local Greek treats, but the cocktails are universal, delightfully large in size and topped with fresh fruit.

Fried aubergine at Babis Taverna

This family-run restaurant specialises in Greek cuisine, with oven-cooked meats drenched with feta cheese, baked moussaka and fried aubergine. It’s tucked away in an unassuming spot that gets packed quickly in the Greece holiday high season, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a tourist trap. Everything here is home-cooked with local recipes and bursting with flavour.

Garden views at Valentino Taverna

You’ll find Valentino Taverna underneath plumes of colourful flowers, a few streets up from the beach. The cuisine here is Greek to the core, with plates of veal, chicken stifado and beef souvlaki. But be warned – the meals are supersized, so make sure to arrive hungry or share a dish with your fellow diners.

Poolside eats at Corissia Park

The courtyard at Corissia Park is prime summer territory, as the tables and chairs line a large pool and overlook the sea, which is just across the road. The food here is seafood-centric, with fried calamari and seafood pasta. At night, the cocktails take centre stage, as does evening entertainment in the form of belly dancing and Greek music.

Homemade pizzas at Vasilikos

Vasilikos boasts overarching Mediterranean cuisine, but the pizzas are what steal the show. They’re homemade and big in size, topped with everything from fresh meats to wedges of tomato. If you aren’t up for a slice, there are other dishes like salmon pasta and spaghetti bolognese that’ll have you covered.

Garlic snails at Georgia's Home Cooking

Georgia’s Home Cooking serves just that – home-cooked dishes in a laid-back, garden setting. The food, as you might have guessed, is Greek, with snails steeped in garlic, oven-cooked lamb and seafood delights like sea bream and swordfish.

Pastry heaven at Sweet House

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Sweet House should be your number one destination. Its menu covers just about every facet of sugar-dom you can imagine – rich cakes drowned in chocolate sauce, ice cream sundaes, milkshakes and pastries. There’s also a long list of cocktails and coffees, so you can pair a drink with your dessert.

Waterfront coffees at Summertime

Summertime is primarily known for its cocktails and coffees, though they have, in recent seasons, bulked up their food menu. Nowadays, you can sit in chairs overlooking the sea and enjoy light bites like Greek salads and sandwiches as you watch the sunsets with a cold mojito in hand.

Meat palace at Gyropolis

As the name suggests, Gyropolis specialises in all things gyros, as well as other Greek fare. Right when you enter, you’ll notice the huge spits of meat chefs carve down to make meals like gyros in pitta bread, souvlaki or even meat-topped pizzas. The restaurant is a simple little spot that’s always packed – that’s because the gyros are quick, cheap, cheerful, and the beers are served cold.

Full lobsters at Nostos

Nostos is another of Georgioupolis’ top Greek restaurants, with a rustic courtyard set a little way from the seaside. Here, you’ll have the chance to sample just-caught seafood like full lobsters and prawn skewers alongside dolmades, lamb chops and moussaka. Like other restaurants in town, the portions here are big, so you’d be wise to share the mezze.