A guide to nightlife in Aghios Nikolaos

Aghios Nikolaos is one of those towns that comes alive after dark. Popularly known to the locals as ‘Ag Nik’, this small-but-bustling place in the eastern corner of Crete has plenty of cafes and bars, as well as nightclubs where you can drink and dance the night away. From boats to rooftops, Aghios Nikolaos has a fascinating selection of venues playing Greek chart music, the latest international hits and dance tunes.

Party hard at Yannis Rock Bar

From indie music to rock, Yannis Bar knows how to throw a party. Open ’til 4am and with outside seating so revellers can cool down, this small and friendly bar has a great reputation with locals and tourists alike.

All day and all night at Armida

Armida promises a night with a difference as the club is actually a pirate ship moored in the harbour. Situated next to the Aghios Nikolaos tourist office, the club is open all day and is there for the taking for revellers on Crete party holidays. The fun really kicks off at night to a background of Greek and international tracks.

The sky is the limit at Alexandros Rooftop Bar

Cocktails, glitz and glamour are all part of the attractions of this bar. The DJs have a passion for 80’s music but other eras are also popular. You can relax in the bar’s tree-filled garden while sipping your drinks, before heading on to the dancefloor.

Music and dancing at Cafe Karnagio

Cafe Karnagio combines excellent Cretan cuisine with live music, and local wines and spirits. This is the place to have fun – Cretan style – where you’ll learn how the locals unwind and be tempted to dance once the vibrant Cretan music gets started.

Waterside vibes at Cafe Puerto Bar

Famous for its cocktails, music and cool, relaxed atmosphere, this harbour-side bar is a favourite with tourists. As well as indulging in champagne, many opt for the bar’s own Puerto Mojito. The dancefloor is compact and soon comes alive with revellers, dancing well into the early hours of the morning.

Get in the groove at Cube Bar

R&B and hip hop dominate the music scene at Cube bar, probably one of the many reasons why this bar is so popular. They also have themed nights for some extra fun so don’t forget to pick up a costume.

Sports and more at Jollies Bar

If dancing and loud music aren’t your cup of tea, then enjoy a darts night at Jollies Bar instead. In fact, this bar is fantastic for sports lovers in general as the host, Valentino, has a streaming service where you can catch up with rugby, football or any of your other sporting passions – you’ll never miss a minute of action on cheap holidays to Crete. Jollies serves Guinness® as well as raki and more traditional Greek drinks.

Warm welcomes at Candia Bar

The relaxed vibe at Candia Bar makes this a popular venue for all age groups. Donna, the owner, has built an enviable reputation for her hospitality, the quality of the bar’s drinks and her competitive prices. You can enjoy watching the world with cocktail in hand and stay on through the night listening to the great music.

Scenery like no other at Spilia Bar

You’ll be going underground as you enter Spilia Bar – the bar is constructed as part of a natural cave, which adds to the wonderful atmosphere. As it stays open until 7am you can be assured of a great night’s entertainment and your head will literally touch the ceiling as you dance.

A bit like home at Sorrento Bar

This bar has been going for 24 years and still acts as a magnet for those wishing to have a fun night out. It’s decorated with UK football scarves and has a wide range of beers on offer.