Minos Palace Hotel and Suites

An adults-only complex, the Minos Palace Hotel and Suites makes no apologies for seeking out the best ways to ensure ultimate guest satisfaction, relaxation and luxury. With no possibility of the sanctity of the pool terrace or restaurants being disrupted by children, the entire complex has a serene and upmarket feel.

Buffet and a la carte restaurants are available for dining and the freshwater pool, which looks out over the Mirabello Bay, is set in among manicured gardens, for a more private feel. Just 2.5km from the town centre and with its own private beach, this is one hotel that really understands its clientele.

Overview of Aghios Nikolaos

No two holidays to Crete are the same, thanks to the island being 250km wide and having very different regions scattered through its landscape. One thing remains constant, however, which is the ability to combine history with modern attractions to offer a great holiday experience.

Aghios Nikolaos, home to the Minos Palace Hotel and Suites, is a thriving town, despite its relatively small size. With plenty of shops, beaches and eateries, it has welcomed tourists with open arms, but has never lost sight of the historical charm that makes it so special, which is why you can choose between an authentic Greek holiday, a modern beach getaway or a mixture of both in the town.

Things to do in Aghios Nikolaos

Contrast the all-out luxury of the Minos Palace Hotel and Suites with some self-styled exploration of the area and you’ll find plenty to do. With a host of historic sights to take in, Aghios Nikolaos is a history-lover’s dream, with the Archaeology Museum a must-visit attraction.

A beach, marina and lake all come together to make for a varied mix of waterfront locations, making it ideal for divers and snorkellers. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes dotted long the water’s edge as well. Cooking with the freshest local produce, you’ll be blown away by how flavoursome the food is. Don’t forget to visit the local shops, which have a very bohemian and marketplace feel and are perfect for grabbing some authentic souvenirs.

Offering a perfectly contained snapshot of Crete, Aghios Nikolaos brings together the heritage of the island with tourist-friendly attractions, all under the stunning Grecian sun.

Resort Summary

Aghios Nikalaos is home to several ancient ruins, historic structures and relics. On a small hillside you’ll see a church that has been standing since the 10th century. Nearby, beside the Istron River, you can visit the archaeological site of Priniatikos Pyrgos.

A great visit for any history buff is the Aghios Nikalaos Archaeology Museum, with some artefacts dating back to over 6,000 years old. The exhibits here display relics from the early Minoan cemetery of Mochlos, as well as coins dating from 330BC and more than 1500 vases presented in their collection.

A short trip away is the ruins of a Minoan palace known as Gournia and boat trips from the town’s harbour will take you to the tiny island of Spinalonga. Take some time to visit Spinalonga’s hillside fortress, you’ll be glad you made it to the top once you see those fantastic views.