Minos Beach Art Hotel

The chic Minos Beach Art Hotel comes with a spacious pool and a choice of a la carte restaurants. The hotel’s located right on Mirabello Bay, with great views from one of the bars. Take a look at the guest book and you’ll come across a few famous names, including Walt Disney.

Away from the beachfront, there’s a big pool complete with sunloungers, cabanas and a pool bar. In the nearby gardens, you can enjoy some shade or wander around the sculpture gallery. When you’re ready for a meal, you’ll have a choice of four restaurants.

Overview of Aghios Nikolaos

The bustling and historic town of Aghios Nikolaos was originally built on the ancient remains of past buildings. To this day, it’s full of history, art and attractions, including some relics that date 6,000 years.

Despite its popularity, Aghios Nikolaos is still a relatively small town, so everything’s within walking distance of the Minos Beach Art Hotel. When you choose Aghios Nikolaos for your holiday to Crete, you can spend your days relaxing on one of the three beaches, admiring the town’s history or taking day trips from the harbour.

Things to do in Aghios Nikolaos

There’s a beautiful stretch of sand directly outside the Minos Beach Art Hotel. It’s a great place for topping up your tan, but if you fancy getting active you can learn how to dive with the instructors. You can also sail around the coastline or skip across the surface on a water ski.

The hotel is only a 10-minute walk away from the bars and restaurants around Aghios Nikolaos’s marina. It’s a great spot for an evening meal with a view.

The resort’s also full of history, including an archaeological site and a church that has stood since the 10th century. You can learn more about Crete’s history at the archaeology museum.

With a stay in Aghios Nikolaos, you’ll experience historic Crete at its very best.

Resort Summary

Aghios Nikalaos is home to several ancient ruins, historic structures and relics. On a small hillside you’ll see a church that has been standing since the 10th century. Nearby, beside the Istron River, you can visit the archaeological site of Priniatikos Pyrgos.

A great visit for any history buff is the Aghios Nikalaos Archaeology Museum, with some artefacts dating back to over 6,000 years old. The exhibits here display relics from the early Minoan cemetery of Mochlos, as well as coins dating from 330BC and more than 1500 vases presented in their collection.

A short trip away is the ruins of a Minoan palace known as Gournia and boat trips from the town’s harbour will take you to the tiny island of Spinalonga. Take some time to visit Spinalonga’s hillside fortress, you’ll be glad you made it to the top once you see those fantastic views.