A guide to the best restaurants in Aghios Nikolaos

The small town of Aghios Nikolaos has an enviable reputation for the quality of its restaurants, situated along the seafront and beside one of the deepest lakes in the world – Lake Voulismeni. Cretan cooking is based on the use of fresh local produce and in Aghios Nikolaos you can experiment with dakos – local crisp breads topped with tomatoes and feta cheese – or order a meat mezze to sample a range of Greek and Cretan specialities.

Twin delights at Dionysius

Run by twin brothers you’ll be able to enjoy kleftiko – slow cooked lamb – and other Cretan specialities here. The lamb is so tender that it simply melts in your mouth. Sitian – a local red wine – is recommended to wash down this gift from the gods. After all, this restaurant is named after the god Dionysius who was famed for giving pleasure.

Classic style at Piano Migomis restaurant

The cosmopolitan menu at Migomis includes many dishes from throughout the Mediterranean as well as local dishes, which provide an authentic eating experience for those on Greece holidays. You can start with a Caesar salad and then move on to sauteed beef fillet cooked in black beer sauce or enjoy a fillet of fresh sea bass with a white wine and mushroom sauce.

Traditional Cretan cuisine at Itanos restaurant

Itanos is well worth a visit if you’re looking for authentic Cretan and Greek food. Situated on a cool shady street you’ll savour delicious moussaka, dakos – homemade rye crispbreads – as well as other Cretan delicacies. Another bonus – your wallet won’t be too stretched by the prices.

Mezzes and ouzo are a speciality at Chrysofyllis

Reasonable prices, top food and fantastic hospitality are the order of the day at this cosy beachfront taverna where families on holidays to Greece are welcome. You can wash down your delicious mezze with a nip of ouzo from Chrysofyllis’ selection while listening to live music from a local bouzouki band.

Contemporary cool at Katsarolakia Ble

The modern decor, harbour-side views and extensive menu and wine list, make Katsarolakia Ble popular. Octopus, souvlaki, grilled meats and vegetables on a skewer are recommended. Katzarolakia also caters for vegetarians with wonderful salads, halloumi and tzatziki.

Tasty bar snacks at Todeledokie

When on holiday you don’t always want to indulge in huge meals. On the seafront, Todeledokie cafe-bar offers up a menu comprising toasties of all varieties, baguettes and milkshakes, as well as alcoholic drinks day and night. It’s location make it a good place to view the world going by.

Step into heaven at Paradosiako

Specialising in Cretan mezze, and open until 1am, this taverna has a covered outside terrace as well as a spacious interior. The menu is extensive, offering a wide variety of fish dishes, local salads and mezze, as well as cheese and vegetable dishes. Set back from the sea, Paradosiako is less touristy than many of the beachfront and lakeside eateries.

Flaming with Faros

This beachside restaurant cooks most of its fish and meat dishes on its charcoal brazier in front of the restaurant. The produce is organic and local, such as fresh calamari or slow roasted stifado – meat roasted with herbs, onions and tomatoes. Simply sit under Faros’ sheltered canopy and savour a delicious meal while enjoying the sea views.

Upmarket eating at Pelagos

Pelagos has a stunning landscaped courtyard and chic interior, and the food definitely matches up to the restaurant’s stylish decor. The grilled prawns and the seafood in general are spectacular. Clientele ranges from local celebrities to visiting tourists – all are made welcome at Pelagos.

Great views and food at La Strada

Situated on a hill overlooking Lake Voulismeni, La Strada is great for lovers of Italian food as well as Greek cuisine. The pizzas come with generous toppings of your choice. A vegetarian selection and Italian breads also comprise part of the menu.