A guide to the best restaurants in Dassia

With its award-winning beach and strip of traditional and fusion restaurants and bars, Dassia is the ideal location for those looking to kick back, relax and sample the great tastes of the island on their Corfu holidays. The climate of Corfu lends itself perfectly to many different types of Mediterranean cuisine due to its Italian-like weather. The veg is bigger, the fruit juicier, the fish fresher and the meat grilled to perfection. Holidays to Greece are all about good food and sunshine, and these are a few venues where you might just be able to enjoy both.

A sparkling night at Vinieri Bistro

A family favourite, the Vinieri Bistro is top of the list for a filling dinner of Med classics. The octopus comes particularly recommended, as it’s caught locally and goes perfectly with potatoes and salad. The kids will love the towering sundaes complete with cream, sauces and a sparkler.

The real deal at Alexandros Taverna

A proper, traditional Greek taverna, all the classics are on the menu and you can experience Greek food at its finest. Alexandros also comes complete with a very friendly owner and occasional dancing after dinner.

A home away from home at Alex Bar Restaurant

The beautiful leafy terrace makes this restaurant stand out from the rest. The food is priced very reasonably too and many say that this is the home of the best burger in Dassia. If that’s not your thing, you can bet the staff will be able to recommend you something you’ll adore.

Killer views at Andreas House

More often than not you’ll be able to sit here for lunch and catch a glimpse of the Albanian coastline on the horizon. Andreas House has one of the best views anywhere in Dassia, and the food is just as good, if not better. The grilled sardines are locally famous.

All tastes are catered for at La Casa

Settle yourself down under the canopy at La Casa and order some tasty European dishes. The menu consists of pastas, pizza, meats, fish and salads with various Mediterranean influences. If you’re in a group of different tastes, La Casa is home to all.

For fish lovers at Bamboo Restaurant

First thing’s first, the grilled king prawns are the best you’re likely to find anywhere. The seafood platter is piled high with perfectly cooked catches from the ocean deep. The restaurant isn’t all fish though, there’s a lengthy menu with all sorts of Greek dishes, including cute little desserts.

The game's on at Eric's Place

Eric’s Place is simple in decor but there’s plenty going on. With lots of mezzes and mains on the menu to choose from, everyone will be satisfied. Eric’s Place is often playing the football if there’s an important match on, so you can enjoy that with a beer, and there are even non-alcoholic cocktails for the kids.

Feel part of the family at Karydia

You really feel like you’re being served by real Dassia locals at Karydia. The menu is mainly home-cooked Greek meals, with a handful of international dishes. With a playground next door, even the little ones will feel at home here.

A quick stop at Anna's Place

Anna’s Place is simple and unassuming, mostly doing snack food or light mains. It’s a great place to stop off for lunch on your way elsewhere and you can bet you’ll feel welcomed, especially by Anna herself. Enjoy a Greek beer or a refreshing orange juice with a plate of grilled prawns and let the day wash over you.

Right on your doorstep at Mythos Restaurant

A legend among visitors to Dassia, Mythos is a top quality traditional Greek taverna. Don’t let the plastic chef outside fool you, inside the food is top-class. Many travel from resorts outside of Dassia specifically to visit Mythos.