Bijilo Holidays 2024/2025

Bijilo is where nature lovers come to relax and unwind under the hot Gambian sunshine, although it has got plenty to offer besides. One of the country’s quietest, prettiest beaches is here, together with plenty of opportunities to explore.

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Nature's bounty

Although it has plenty going for it, from beaches to fantastic food, one element of Bijilo that’s always mentioned is its beauty. A natural park was put in place here to keep the trees and sweeping scenery intact, as well as giving visitors the chance to meet some of the local wildlife during their Gambia holidays.

Birds and monkeys add colour and character to Bijilo’s brilliance, although it’s safe to say the tranquility of the beach has enough appeal of its own to warrant a holiday here.

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  • Community spirit made modern

    Gambia‘s appeal as a tourism destination has increased over the years, thanks to its bright sunny days and warm, spirited people. While, Bijilo has evolved from a coastal village into a small town. It may be a couple of kilometres away from Kololi, but holidays here come with their own character and charm.

    As a town, Bijilo features wide streets with a sense of tradition reflected through its buildings and people. However, it’s no longer the domain of farmers and fishermen. Instead, local stores sell handicrafts and clothing, while cows roam free. The mix of pastoral charm and sleek modern hotels offers the perfect balance, making Gambia package holidays in Bijilo a great option.

    Walk with the animals

    Bijilo Forest Park, also known as ‘Monkey Park’ due to its many monkeys, has been recognised for decades for its beauty and charm. Close to the coast, it’s cordoned off for protection from wider Gambia, keeping its little residents safe.

    A stroll under the woodland canopy provides ample opportunities to take in a number of sights and sounds, from towering rhum palm trees and densely packed bundles of bushes to branches scattered with sun squirrels and velvet monkeys.

    This realm of natural beauty has also become popular with birdwatchers. Feathered friends from the bearded buzzard and the bee-eater to the hooded vulture make their roosts among the undergrowth.

    Retreat to the sea

    Gambia’s growing popularity as a tourist destination is no big secret, but one part of its stunning shoreline which remains fairly unknown is Bijilo’s beach. Beautiful and secluded, it stays quiet in even the busiest holidaying periods, which means that you can unfurl your towel and lie back to the sound of the waves with no interruptions.

    Of course, even with the Atlantic Ocean as your lullaby, the sunshine is a constant friend too. In the mid-afternoon, skies are frequently cloudless and the sun blazes with a brilliant heat. So, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen.

    Close to the beach, although never encroaching onto its serenity, little shacks and kiosks offer food and drinks. When the time comes to take a break from the heat, you can hide beneath their woven roofs and tuck into some shellfish or a zesty fruit salad. On a good day, you might see monkeys popping by the huts to play.

    Keeping it lively

    Think cheap Gambia holidays in Bijilo are all about sunbathing and strolling through scenery? Think again – although we can’t blame you for wanting to do just that. There are activities here that give you plenty of ways to explore the area more dynamically, including roaring quad bike tours and the chance to saddle up on your very own horse.

    It’s safe to say the rural way of life in Bijilo has kept much of the area surrounding the town nicely unspoilt.

    Of course, if you’d rather head out to sea than further inland, swimming is always encouraged here. Lifeguards make sure everyone feels confident getting stuck into a good paddle, and it’s a tremendous way to refresh after a long day under the hot sun.


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