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Bijilo Holidays

Bijilo holidays somewhat fly under the tourism radar but it is home to a terrific beach and Gambia's popular Bijilo National Park.

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Naturally peaceful and peacefully natural

Holidays to Bijilo allow you to make the most of the Gambia's surrounding wildlife with exotic displays of flowers, smooth spacious beaches and vivid African forests.

Nearby beach hotels are ideal places to stay to appreciate Bijilo's nature. It is never too far away from popular resorts too so you can easily travel around to experience authentic shopping and dining opportunities.

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  • Islam
  • Dalasi
  • English,Mandinka, Wolof and Fula.
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Perfect beach for chilling

Bijilo Beach is generally quieter than most nearby beach resorts. The spacious area is a typical African image of pure white sands with a bordering vivid blue ocean. There is space for everyone to sunbathe too with plenty of loungers and umbrellas spread between the tall palm trees.

There are also great drinking and dining options by the sand too that urge visitors to stay by the beach. This allows you to watch the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean then rest under the moonlight.

If you want to experience a livelier, more tourism-driven beach space then head 3km north towards Kololi. The walk or drive north will take you past the green area of the Bijilo National Park.

Bijilo National Park

The main attraction of Bijilo is the National Park which draws in visitors from all resorts across Gambia. Guided tours through the forest will help you see fascinating and exotic plant life as well as an array of wild animals. Small monkeys, colourful birds and adorable wide-eyed galagos are just some of the critters that call Bijilo home.

If you're looking to heighten your state of holiday relaxation, head towards one of the region's many spas, usually found within the hotels. Bijilo's most notable soul-cleansing centre is The Spa at Coco Ocean Resort which features steam rooms, massage therapy and skin treatment.

Banjul is only around half an hour away from Bijilo so you can easily discover the culture and features that are enjoyed within Gambia's capital.

Drinking under the stars

Bijilo is one of the most peaceful resorts by day and one of the calmest by night. Larger hotels ensure to offer guests places to settle after dark with in-house bars and the odd showing of entertainment.

Hanging by the beach at night offers great opportunities to drink and dine. Quaint cafés and cool beach bars allow you to take full advantage of the warm African air.

Town markets

Those looking to come back from holidays in Bijilo with a unique keepsake should make the short trip up to Kololi where you can purchase an array of colour crafts. The Senegambia Craft Market sells hundreds of items that have been locally made by hand.

If you'd like to discover a wider selection of goods and foods, Albert Market in Banjul is one of West Africa's largest marketplaces.

Beautiful beach eateries

Bijilo presents some great venues to dine in by the sands of the beach. The Jamaa Beach Bar, while a great place to enjoy a drink in, is also a delicious restaurant that lets you consume local and even British cuisine within a beautiful garden setting.

Kasumi, Voodoo Café and Sun Bird are three more Gambian eateries that allow customers the option to settle inside or outside. The food on offer encapsulates African cuisine while also offering familiar international alternatives.

Grab a green taxi

It will take less than half an hour to get from Banjul International Airport out to Bijilo on the coast.

Bijilo is a small resort and it is easy to get from your accommodation to the beach, its restaurants, and the neighbouring national park. If you don't want to hire a car then you can take the green or yellow taxis up to the other resorts and towns.

Best time of year to visit

Bijilo's summer months last from November until May when the rain is unlikely to fall and the daily temperatures reach around 30°C. This time presents perfect beach weather while the Bijilo National Park is a joy to explore too.

June through to October is equally as hot but the tropical climate takes its toll and there are several days of heavy rainfall each month.