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Kololi Beach Holidays

Considered to be home to one of the best beaches in Gambia, you won't disagree when you lay your eyes on the powdery white sands found on Kololi holidays.

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Coastal Kololi

This west-facing resort is a renovated town which is now an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the Gambian ambience. Refreshing hotel complexes have been built so you can experience the awesome nature that surrounds Kololi while staying in a comfortable and accommodating base.

The beach in this resort is a vibrant holiday zone with opportunities to dine, drink and play throughout. Away from the coast you can tour the African nature found inland and by the Gambian River.

Families and couples are both invited to enjoy holidays in this stunning destination. Most hotels feature facilities and activities for all ages while the stunning nature can be appreciated by everyone.

Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Dalasi
  • English, Mandinka,Wolof and Fula
  • GMT - None

One of the best beaches around

Many of Kololi's hotels lead right out onto the pure white sands of the town's beach. This means you can roll out of your comfy bed and lie back down on a reclined sunlounger to catch some morning rays.

The areas of the beach that aren't backed by hotels, cafes or bars are lined with palm trees. Locals lay out stalls by the sands and offer fresh fruit and refreshing drinks, both of which are much appreciated on the especially hot days.

The warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean brush the beach shore. There are some active water sports to get involved with on holidays to Kololi too.

Fun in the African sun

Hotels offer a range of activities which ensure boredom never kicks in here. Tennis courts, volleyball, gyms, spa treatments and aerobics are just some of the perks offered by hotels. Some even offer activities and tours that get you out of the complex and take you into Gambia's nature.

Knowledgeable staff can take you birdwatching and help you feed the exotic creatures too. There are external companies that offer tours of nearby nature with safari tours along the Gambia River and through the African forest landscape. Witnessing animals like giraffes, rhinos and lions in their natural habitat is an experience no zoo can match.

Senegambia nights out

Kololi features one of Gambia's best tourist zones where visitors can enjoy fun nights out. You can start off your night out here within a restaurant or beach bar where there is a range of beers, wine and cocktails served.

The Senegambia Strip is the liveliest source of nightly entertainment with bars and nightclubs that are enjoyed by both tourists and locals. There are also two casinos within Kololi which offers a different brand of evening entertainment.

Cultural souvenirs

The Senegambia Craft Market is an ideal place to pick up a souvenir of real African charm. Stalls and huts lay out a myriad of colourful crafts with accessories, clothing, jewellery and ornaments all on offer. Be prepared to barter and to turn down the offers that the sellers often try to force upon you.

If you want to browse through African items with less of the hassle then the Top Shop Gambia store may be for you. There are plenty of arty products like handbags, dolls and paintings that have fixed prices attached.

Late night restaurants

There are dozens of different eateries to sample across Kololi. Some based by the beach, others found along the Senegambia Strip, you'll find delicious local food as well as the odd international offering. The restaurants offer a range of laidback and upmarket themes too.

Darboe's Restaurants and the Sea Shells Bar & Restaurant are casual places to dine while El Sol Gambia and the Gaya Art Café, though more expensive, offer beautiful mood-setting surroundings. Many of the restaurants turn into bars later towards the evening so you can spend all evening and night chilling in venues like The Kora, Paradiso and G.T.S.

Travel options

Banjul International Airport is just half an hour away from the Kololi resort.

You can hire cars and 4x4s to get around the towns of Gambia. Most of the highlights are quite condensed so you could probably hire a bicycle to see everything you want. Taxis are available too with green ones intended to ferry around tourists and yellow cars for locals.

Best time of year to visit

The best time to visit Kololi is from November through to May when the temperatures remain at an average high of around 30°C and above with little chance of rain falling. June through to October is also hot but the tropical showers occur during this time, interrupting your time spent on the beach.