A guide to food and drink in Larnaca

With eating being such a social occasion in Larnaca, you can expect plenty of opportunities to dine outside in the breezy heat of a summer’s evening. Cosy places to dine indoors are plentiful too, and you’ll find both traditional style tavernas and decidedly modern places waiting to be discovered.

Exploring Larnaca's delicacies

As well as Greek-style dishes and delicacies native to Cyprus, offerings you’ll find on Larnaca holidays are deliciously multicultural. Locally grown fresh ingredients such as courgettes, green peppers and artichokes are often used as well as goat’s or sheep’s cheese. Meat and fish are also popular either grilled or roasted over an open fire.

One of the must-try dishes of the region is a classic mezze, a hot and cold selection of appetisers. Presented on a large platter there are delicious choices such as tzatziki, cucumber and garlic, hummus and grilled halloumi cheese. It’s served with warmed fresh pitta bread and makes a filling snack. You can also try local style kebabs of chicken, lamb, pork or fish which are seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. To help you choose a venue, take a look at our top recommendations below.

Lots to see at Art Cafe 1900

Famed as one of Larnaca’s most eclectic locations, every available centimetre of the inner walls of this sublime destination is covered by framed works of art, from newspaper prints to posters and paintings. You enter through a distinctive blue art-deco arched door, and vases and pottery adorn your table. Beer lovers will enjoy the selection available at Art Cafe 1900, which is is known for both its variety and its quality.

Big portions of Cypriot food at To Kazani Traditional Tavern

As the name suggests, this is one destination that’s a vital part of your Larnaca experience, especially if you want to sample the cuisine the true Cypriot way.

Easily recognisable for its distinctive blue and cream decor, To Kazani is every inch the quintessential family restaurant – and luckily, the food on offer is both delicious and affordable. To Kazani’s smiling staff, comfortable surroundings and plenty of atmosphere – and the generous portions you’ll be served here – will leave you content after even the most adventurous day.

Quick eats by the beach at Apollo Snack Bar

Just a short stroll from the beach, Apollo Snack Bar is a favoured destination if you’re seeking a swift yet succulent meal between Larnaca adventures, or before heading off to party at Nissi Beach. With huge portions at affordable prices, it’s clear to see why this place is growing in popularity.

Popular for Japanese food at Nippon

Japanese food is proving increasingly popular in Larnaca – and the luxurious setting of Nippon perfectly illustrates why. Locals and tourists alike will tell you of the flavours and sensations available at this remarkable hotspot, with maki, teppanyaki and more making every morsel a delight. Best book in advance, however – Nippon is always packed.

Shipshape dining at Aquarium Bar Cafe

Few visitors to Larnaca can resist the allure of dining aboard a traditional marina boat, and Aquarium Bar Cafe is ideally located for both sea views and people-watching. The food on offer is traditional and delicious, from mezze to seafood, finished with enticing desserts and a huge selection of beers, wines or coffees. The perfect way to try some delicious food before heading out to find some nightlife.