Articles about Cyprus

Planning a trip to Cyprus? Browse our articles for information about Cyprus, including top phrases to help you get by and a guide to Cyprus’ UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ve also got the scoop on the best beaches of Cyprus and day trips to consider for your next holiday to this sun-kissed destination.

15 Cypriot phrases to help you get by

The official languages of Cyprus are Greek, Turkish and English, with Turkish being the mother tongue in the north of the island and Greek in the south. Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 to 1960 and still retains British military bases as well as many an expat. In the north especially, English is seen as the second language.

A Guide to Cyprus' UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The beautiful island of Cyprus is known for its winning beaches and sublime cuisine, yet it’s also very rich in history and culture. The island occupies a unique position on the globe that makes it very much a cultural crossroad, which is partly why many spots in Cyprus are recognised by UNESCO as sites of world heritage.

A guide to the best day trips in Cyprus

Organised day trips are an excellent and hassle-free way to see a bit more of the local history and landscape of your holiday location. They can also make a nice change to do something completely different between beach days or party nights.

A Guide To Watersports in Cyprus

The jaw-dropping beaches of Cyprus are famous with good reason, yet you’re more than likely to find that many of your adventures in Cyprus take place out at sea.

A Party Guide to Ayia Napa

Even charming Cyprus has its wild side. Enter Ayia Napa, the island’s official party destination, where the shorts are short and the nights are long.

A Seasonal Guide to Cyprus

With its location in the Mediterranean, Cyprus doesn’t really experience the same four seasons the rest of the world is subjected to. Around these parts, temperatures range from hot to hotter, with the exception of a moderately-rainy winter season.

Cyprus' secret beaches you should know about

Our guide will help you skip the most famous of Cyprus’ beaches, such as Aphrodite’s and Coral Bay, in favour of places to spread out and enjoy the view with often not even a sunlounger in sight.

What is the food like in Cyprus?

If you’ve got your sights set on Cyprus as your next Mediterranean destination, it’s definitely a great choice. Not only does it boast year-round sunshine but the food is also something to write home about – or Instagram until your heart’s content.

The music of Cyprus

The heartbeat of a place lies in the traditional music of the area and the Mediterranean island of Cyprus can boast a style of music called Rebetiko that pulls on everyone’s heart strings. Imagine the classic black and white film Zorba the Greek with its soulful acoustic soundtrack, and you’ll get the idea.

Nature trails of Paphos

While the Paphos region is home to a great many cities bursting with culture and history, there are just as many forests, gorges and nature trails that show a whole different side to this vibrant island.