A guide to nightlife in Croatia

Croatia might be one of the most stunning countries in the Balkans when it comes to historic landscapes and waterfront skylines, but it’s also one of the most party-friendly, especially when those historic buildings and seaside venues turn into bars and nightclubs. There are lively spots in caves, 16th century fortresses and ferry terminals, plus your neighbourhood beach spots tucked into the cliffs. It’s up to you what vibe you choose.

Medieval nights at Culture Club Revelin, Dubrovnik

Found within a massive, 500-year-old fortress in Dubrovnik‘s Old Town is Culture Club, one of the most famous venues in all of Croatia, and one of the best in the world. In the past the club has played host to a stream of well-known DJs and continues to welcome the best names in the industry.

The atmosphere is Old World Dubrovnik with a hedonistic twist. The walls are original stone, cut with flashing lasers and cage dancers, not to mention sweeping views of the city.

Nightlife on a mass scale at Imperium, Split

Imperium is one of those nightlife spots whose sheer size roots you to the floor and makes you look all around take in your surroundings. It takes up the entire top floor of a ferry terminal in Split, complete with incredible views of the water.

It’s part lounge, part dance club, part restaurant, so whatever you’re looking for in a night out on your Croatia holiday– nibbles, drinks or heart-pumping beats – you’re bound to find it here. Even if you just want to stretch out on the posh white couches, you’ll be joined by locals who drop by to marvel at this expansive spot.

Cave dwellings at Cave Bar More, Dubrovnik

As you probably guessed, Cave Bar More in Dubrovnik is located inside a cave, the mouth of which is right alongside the waterfront. Inside, amid the craggy cave walls, you’ll find a teeny little bar mixing up cocktails in a calm and chilled out environment. And you won’t find any bats, either. At least we don’t think so. But if you’re a little on the claustrophobic side, there are also seats on the outdoor patio along the water’s edge, complete with waterfront views.

Cliffside drinks at Mediterraneo Bar, Rovinj

The Mediterraneo Bar in Rovinj doesn’t have your average outdoor patio. It’s more of a cliff than anything, lined with chairs that cosy right up to the edge so your views of the waves are maximum levels of gorgeous. You can even take a quick dip in the water, though doing so after a few cocktails isn’t exactly advised. On the menu here isn’t the world’s wildest night out, but rather, a quiet set of cocktails or a glass of wine as you watch the sun go down. It’s the place for a relaxing and all-around atmospheric night out.

Feel good beats at Deep Makarska, Makarska

Deep Makarska is another one of those clubs that, from the pictures, looks more like a landscape on the moon than somewhere on earth that you can actually visit. It’s carved into a shallow cave whose large opening directly faces the water.

The scenery is legendary, with a massive dancefloor and set of lights that keep the atmosphere eerily purple. By day, it’s a largely quiet and relaxing spot to grab a drink along the water’s edge, but by night it becomes party central with feel good music and cocktails long into the night. In the heart of the Makarska Riviera, Deep can be easily reached from TucepiBrela and of course Makarska itself.