Tucepi Holidays 2024/2025

On Croatia’s Makarska Riviera, the coastal village of Tucepi has plenty of opportunities for rest and respite by the sea as well as an active sports community. Its sweeping beaches and gleaming white marina provide charming scenery, while the mountains beyond are perfect for hikes.

Tucepi Holiday Deals

Croatia's coastal treasure

The small town of Tucepi is full of Adriatic architecture and beautiful seaside landscapes, leading it to attract more than its fair share of visitors every year. Why holidaymakers choose this place for Croatia beach holidays over the more bustling resorts is apparent from the moment you step into the bay, as a glimpse at the white and red buildings, stoic mountainous backdrop and lush green countryside is enough to make any traveller fall in love.

The first port of call in Tucepi is the beach, and there are plenty of reasons why. Flecked with pebbles yet rich in luxuriant sand, the beach that snuggles against Tucepi’s promenade is one of the town’s most defining features. It slants in a lazy slope that allows shallow, clear water to lap at the shore, letting it kiss your ankles, and it’s the ideal depth to get the youngsters used to the waves.

That water is the go-to place for boating enthusiasts as much as windsurfers and jet-ski racers, although the air of tranquillity and slow-paced living never truly leaves Tucepi’s side.

Meeting the townsfolk

You’re not going to find a rowdy nightlife scene awaiting you in Tucepi, and that’s exactly what most visitors want to hear. Local history is in plentiful supply here, with the classic architectural style connoting images of baroque and Gothic days of yore in equal measure.

Some say that one of the great Venetian doges – or senior officials – is buried in the town. Plus the Church of St George and the Church of St John each offer an impressive vision of Dalmatian craftsmanship at its finest. Don’t miss the chance to visit Upper Tucepi either, whose mighty towers still stand in their role of protecting the town.

Cuisine at the konobas

Much as we might think of our local pub or coffee shop as the hub of the community back home, in coastal Croatia, it’s all about the konobas. These traditional eateries are rich in rustic charm, personality and attention to detail, which can be found in venues like Postup and Ranchand.

Konobas are named after the room in the home once used to entertain guests, as well as to store food and wine. As such, many visitors to modern konobas feel as though they’ve stepped into the warm house of a loving family. Expect huge portions of stews, meats, salads and cheeses, coupled with fine wines and locally brewed liquors that are sure to get you more than a little lightheaded.

Tucepi has much to offer in terms of traditional bars and restaurants as well, including bistros and seaside snack shacks, together with classy wine bars, seafood specialists, gourmet pizzerias and sports bars. It’s a great mix of local colour that immerses you in the community spirit every evening, while the traditional Croatia All Inclusive hotels that are dotted around the village also serve up a great range of local delicacies.

Get back to nature

Tucepi’s surroundings make it pretty clear how highly the locals regard the beauty of the natural world, and it’s obviously been given the respect it deserves over the years. That’s not to say you’re unable to get involved in the adventures to be had among the tree-lined pathways and mountain trails of the area, though.

True adrenaline hounds will be making a beeline for rafting down the nearby Cetina River, while those seeking serenity are likely to prioritise the waterfalls of Krka. Or leave the world behind and take a boat trip out to the stunning island of Brac for the day, although you’d be a stronger soul than us to resist charms of Tucepi for even a minute.


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