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Food and drink in Croatia

Encompassing the cuisine of both central Europe and the Mediterranean, even the fussiest of eaters will find something delightful amid the menu's of folksy decorated tavernas and more contemporary restaurants across the country. Along the coast you'll find plenty of seafood offerings, while no Croatian town is without at least one pizzeria, serving up freshly made, thin crust, Italian-style pizzas.

Exploring Croatia's delicacies

The traditional food you'll find on Croatia holidays varies largely depending on the region. Go mainland, and you'll find dishes heavily influenced by the country's nearby neighbours Hungary and Turkey, with meat and freshwater fish. Go more toward the coast and you'll find Mediterranean flavours from Greece and Italy, including seafood, pasta and fresh vegetables cooked with olive oil.

No matter where you are, Manistra na pome — a simple pasta dish with tomato sauce — can be found countrywide, alongside a number of traditional soups and stews served with polenta-fried dumplings. Pair your dinner with an excellent red or white Croatian wine.

Uncomplicated goodness at Otto Taverna, Dubrovnik

With a stone interior like a tiny wine cellar and a charming outdoor porch, Otto Taverna is simple and uncomplicated place to eat during your holiday to Croatia. The same goes for the food, which dabbles in the Mediterranean side of cuisine.

From a relatively small menu, you can choose tuna steaks or seabass fillets, a choice of meats and a short but sweet wine list. It's a good idea to book well in advance here, as the venue's limited seating means many unprepared holidaymakers are left disappointed.

River views at Konoba Vinica Monkovic, Cavtat

Konoba Vinica Monkovic doesn't just have unrivalled river views – it's quite literally on the river, with walkways that are planks extending over the water.

The restaurant is known for dishing up classic Croatian eats that are heavy on seafood and grilled meats. But vegetarians need not be afraid as there are plenty of veggie options like salad and stuffed peppers to sink your teeth into. But it's carnivores that really come out on top here, with succulent plates of veal, melt-in-your-mouth mixed grills and even an octopus souffle.

Rainbows of sushi at Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota, Dubrovnik

This gorgeous seafood hotspot is tucked away in the stone buildings paving Dubrovnik's old town. Its cuisine turns Croatia's love for seafood on its head with fresh catches turned into Japanese favourites using Asian flavours and cooking styles. On offer here are oysters served on ice, eye-catching sushi and sashimi, plus a healthy selection of steak and fish in dishes like tuna tartar and prawn carpaccio.

Seafood settings at Konoba Feral, Brela

Combining surf with turf, Konoba Feral has a seafood-heavy menu plus a selection of meats and is nestled right alongside the waterfront. It looks unassuming at first, but don't let its humble appearance fool you, as the food is top notch.

The menu highlights all the delights of the ocean with fresh carpaccio and orso, tuna tartare, seafood pasta and octopus salad, but meat-eaters find solace here too with dishes like pork medallions in a cheesy mushroom sauce and plates of ham. You'd be wise to leave room for dessert, especially when homemade pancakes doused in a hot cherry sauce are on offer.

Casual elegance at Don Antonio, Makarska, Makarska Riviera

This restaurant may be family-owned and operated, but it has the feeling of a well-oiled, elegant machine. More often than not, you'll be served by the owner himself.

The menu is small compared to other restaurants in the area, but the dishes on offer are customised and of the freshest quality. Here, you can expect mains like ravioli, steak and tuna, along with fried cheese and honey for pudding. And the dishes are so beautifully presented, they're as much a feast for your eyes as they are for your taste buds.