Playa Flamingo Holidays 2024/2025

The gentle curve of Playa Flamingo makes for a Costa Rican beach unlike any other, plus it’s home to the country’s largest marina. While you’re here, expect to take in abundant wildlife, watersports activities and succulent dishes as you explore a dynamic region of a country big on eco-tourism.

Playa Flamingo Holiday Deals

A crescent of serenity

Known for its distinctive moon shape on the map, Playa Flamingo is a spot for holidays to Costa Rica that superbly sums up the tranquil lifestyle, abundant wildlife and friendly fun that this country offers.

The rich blue of the Pacific Ocean garlands a stretch of shore as vanilla-pale as it is warm and enticing. This kilometre and a half of shoreline was among the first in Costa Rica to attract the eye of holidaymakers worldwide, as much for its laid-back lifestyle as its opportunities for fishing, boating and surfing.

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    Playa Flamingo is known for being less developed than places like Playa Tamarindo, so you won’t find a true town or village centre here that’s evolved over time into a tourism community. Instead, this place is pretty unique in the region of Guanacaste as it was purpose-built for tourism, primed for All Inclusive Costa Rica expeditions. That means a respect for the natural splendour of the area has been retained, while sublime resorts and holiday homes are dotted away to the east.

    The largest marina in Costa Rica is found close to Playa Flamingo, where the well-to-do rub shoulders with holidaymakers from across the globe, all of whom have been drawn in to the sights and sounds of the area.

    A haven for animal lovers

    Costa Rica holidays give you access to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, where biodiversity unlike anything else on our planet can be found. The locals are supremely proud of that fact, and you can expect the same respect for our furry, feathered and flippered friends permeates every aspect of Playa Flamingo’s culture.

    With Marino Las Baulas National Park located just a few minutes south of Playa Flamingo, the area has become a hub of happy wildlife. One of the most famous guests to the area is the Leatherback Turtle, a species that is endangered, yet very much appreciative of the peaceful and welcoming environment offered by the Guanacaste coastline.

    These turtles visit year in, year out to tuck their eggs under the sand, while the locals often invite tourists to help them make sure their reptilian guests are well looked after.

    Active exploration

    Costa Ricans have a zest for life that’s pretty infectious, so expect to feel energised and ready to explore during your stay in Playa Flamingo. There are lots of ways you can do this, be it catamaran tours around the local waters with cocktails and classy meals to taste, or snorkelling beneath the waves to meet the fish.

    You can engage the mind as much as the body here too, with Spanish lessons letting you connect with the locals in their own way. Or if you prefer, head out on a deep-sea fishing excursion and see if you can bring home a lunker – that’s a pretty big catch in angling terms.

    Meals to remember

    The tourism focus that Playa Flamingo enjoys has given the local community a great selection of places to eat and drink. Coco Loco is one of the most renowned restaurants, where fish fillets, crispy salads and tasty tacos grace the menu.

    All around Playa Flamingo both international and local palates are well catered for. Costa Rica’s connections to the Pacific and the world beneath the waves is fused with sleek Japanese chic at Temptation Sushi, while cocktails flow like the rapids of the River Toro at Monkey Bar.

    For quicker, yet no less delicious offerings, you can head to Tubla for a pizza of astonishing size and flavour, or instead opt for a beachside burger at the Beach House Restaurant. With both local and global tastebuds tantalised, the food in Playa Flamingo is going to prove as welcoming as the people, and you’ll feel energised by the warmth and brilliance of both.


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