Royalton White Sands

The Royalton White Sands is a luxury five-star complex that will take your breath away. Located on a private beach and backed by tropical forest, it’s the perfect place to experience the beauty of Jamaica. The huge pool, which nudges on to the glistening white beach, is a central attraction of the stunning outdoor area. You’ll have your pick of chic or casual bars and restaurants serving everything from steak to sushi. Rooms are stylish and modern and fitted out with wifi, bluetooth audio and a rain shower.

Overview of Jamaica

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is famous for its chilled out attitude, Reggae beats and reef-lined beaches. Jamaica is an island of variety, offering many different areas of natural beauty all within a short drive from one another. Lush rainforests and craggy mountains dominate the landscape, and cities are a fusion of British-Colonial and contemporary architecture. The larger cities in Jamaica can be chaotic but the smaller parishes such as Trelawny, where the Royalton White Sands is located, are welcoming and peaceful and are popular destinations for holidays to Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica

Trelawny is home to the Luminous Lagoon, a magical body of water that glows at night. The mysterious glow is explained by the presence of microscopic organisms that create a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence. This luminous lagoon is thought to be one of only three of its kind, so don’t miss it! It goes without saying that you should also pay a visit to one of Jamaica’s many glorious beaches, where you can relax in the shade or take a tour through the coves. It’s also possible to bike through the Blue Mountains, passing coffee plantations, waterfalls and wild fauna and flora – but be prepared to work hard for the views. Visit Jamaica and experience a tropical paradise where the diversity of nature reigns supreme. Relax, explore, and importantly, indulge. The luxury and glamour of the Royalton White Sands will leave you wanting to extend your stay indefinitely.

Resort Summary

Despite not being one of the loudest or most well-known parts of the country, Trelawny Jamaica offers a host of fantastic experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, such as the incredible Luminous Lagoon tour.

Setting off at sunset via boat, you are whisked to a lagoon that is filled with incredible iridescent organisms that turn the water bright neon-blue when you dive in. There’s also a restaurant on the dock, so you can enjoy a spot of local cuisine before setting off for some of the most unique photo opportunities in the world.