A guide to the best restaurants in Ocho Rios

The beautiful port town of Ocho Rios has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing, down-tempo holiday to Jamaica. Rest assured meal times are going to be just as enjoyable as the sunshine, beach walks and exploration. From traditional home-grown recipes through to international cuisine, Ocho Rios makes the most of its global reputation as a tourism destination to give you plate after plate of fantastic food.

Sample Jamaican jerk at Scotchies

The jerked meat popular throughout Jamaica is rich and flavoursome, and make sure you taste it for yourself at Scotchies. There’s plenty of smoked meat, barbecued chicken, seafood and corn on the cob, together with cool beers and refreshing fruit juices. Did we mention that all of this comes with a sublime sea view and some of the biggest smiles you’ll see on the island?

Eat like a local at Mom's

The hospitality is top notch at Mom’s, where you’ll be feeling like one of the family in no time as you settle at your table. There’s stew, curries, jerked meat and seafood available, together with salads and other vegetarian options. The breakfasts are also popular here, making Mom’s a venue that sees diners visiting, noon and night.

Have a meal with some mystery at The Ruins

You won’t forget the scenery around The Ruins any time soon, since the restaurant is nestled beside a beautiful cascading waterfall. The food you’ll find at The Ruins is something pretty special as well, with plenty of homegrown Caribbean classics sitting side by side on the menu with enticing Far Eastern offerings.

Savour French flavours at Casanova

Although Casanova made his home in Venice, it’s French food that you’ll be partaking of in these elegant surroundings. Casanova is famous for its fish dishes, with red snapper, sea bass and salmon all served with spices, marinades, sauces and succulence.

Take in a view of the city at Evita's

While it could be called a Jamaican-Italian fusion restaurant, Evita’s gets its great reputation from the strength of its Italian dishes, and definitely with good reason. Situated overlooking all of Ocho Rios, you’ll be enjoying pasta and pastries under the sun, backed by smoked meats and a cool, creamy tiramisu dessert

Mix pasta and escargot at Toscanini Restaurant

You can expect both Italian and French dishes to join the sublime Caribbean cuisine at Toscanini Restaurant. Dine on a sheltered tropical veranda with crisp drinks and hearty portions of everything from tagliatelle to fried prawns.

Try the local rum punch at Miss T's

They really know how to push the boat out at Miss T’s, which takes tropical dining to the next level. The colourful decorations of this lively venue are backed up by meals that see curried goat, deep fried prawns and smoked meat skewers lining up for your attention. The rum punches are known all over town for their flavour as much as their impact, so try to enjoy them responsibly.

Try the ribs at Christopher's

From the outside, this fantastic restaurant looks like a beachfront mansion, with fairytale towers and balconies laced around its appealing architecture. Inside, it’s a home from home where the best food in town is always on the menu, so settle in for some barbecued treats and succulent spiced seafood.

Taste the tradition at John Crow's Tavern

At John Crow’s, food and drink combine with cordial company to provide a true taste of local living to people enjoying Jamaica holidays. It’s a place where taking it easy is the top priority of the evening, while American and Caribbean treats from fish tacos to jerk chicken vie for a place on your platter.

Take a break at Oceans On The Ridge

With a distinctive name like that, you’re going to be entering this cosy nook with a certain expectation, and Oceans On The Ridge definitely delivers. Not only are you taking in some of the best cuisine on the island, but the view here allows you to see the entirety of Ocho Rios, together with the grand spread of the Caribbean Sea beyond.