A guide to the best restaurants in Negril

With plenty of great Caribbean restaurants and street food to choose from, Negril offers an authentic eating experience. Jamaican dishes are hearty and famously include fried plantains and jerk chicken served with rice and peas – in fact 3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar hosts a yearly Jerk Festival, with great food and jamming music. Ingredients in Negril are fresh, as organic produce is grown all over this area. Summer is lobster season in Jamaica, so make sure you try it while you can.

Fresh seafood delights at Fireman's Fish Pit

Choose your own lobster or crab and approximately an hour later you’ll be rewarded when it shows up piping hot soaked in garlic and ginger butter. You won’t mind the wait as you’re sitting with a cool drink right by the beach at this informal and colourful restaurant.

Excellent lobster at Presley's Bar and Grill

It’s hard to miss this very brightly coloured restaurant situated on West End Road. The chef, Presley, serves up some great food, including a popular lobster dish. If you take him a flag of your home country, he’ll add it to his collection on the wall of this small and cosy venue.

Private dining at Ivan's Bar and Restaurant

Dine al fresco on limestone cliffs at this romantic restaurant that also offers private dining areas. The cuisine is a mix of traditional Caribbean flavours and more international styles and tastes. The location is simply stunning and, if you like a bit of a party vibe, the bar is also popular.

Pescatarian paradise at Just Natural

This family-owned restaurant is popular with veggies and fish lovers alike. You’ll be sitting on furniture made from local wood and surrounded by trees and greenery. In fact everything about this place fits in with its natural concept.

Jerk festival with a view at 3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar

Jerk chicken is likely to be a staple of your holiday to Jamaica. This restaurant is known for dishes served with their very own ‘granny sauce’, which in theory, you can add to every meat. Head here for the annual Jerk Festival and enjoy the viewpoint at the back of the restaurant.

Culture and cake at Zimbali's Mountain Cooking Studio

It’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best restaurant’s in Negril. Hidden away in the mountains, it’s part of a small retreat hotel and aims to offer a holistic fine dining experience. Enjoy vegetarian dishes such as Jamaican stew and plantain cake and a tour of the organic farm to learn about where the ingredients come from.

Delicious burgers at Ahhh Bees

Billing itself as a burger bar but also selling lots of ‘other yummy stuff’, this quirky and simple venue has burger platters, as well as seafood and some great frozen cocktails. It’s located on West End Road with regular live music.

Veggie paradise at Ras Rody's Roadside Organic

Run by Rastafarians, this roadside shack only sells vegan and vegetarian food, adhering to their strict beliefs. They use organic vegetables and the food is tasty. Ras’ son Shadrach runs the place and if you’re lucky he might also serve up a story of local history.

Authentic bites at Murphy's West End Restaurant

Another West End hotspot is Murphy’s – a casual venue with seats under a porch at the roadside. The owner is also the chef and he serves up some lovely spicy Jamaican delicacies such as coconut shrimp, jerk chicken, and even jerk lobster.

Street food and sea views at Niah's patties

Jamaica holidays aren’t complete unless you try a Jamaican pattie. It’s a typical street food eaten all over the island, and Niah’s chicken, beef, lobster or veggie versions are made to order. Her shack is on the beach with views of the Caribbean Sea.