A guide to the best restaurants in Falmouth

As a port town, you can expect some seriously creative uses of seafood in Falmouth, including lobster stew and grilled salt-fish. These sit on menus alongside Jamaican classics such as jerk chicken and curried goat, using zingy spices. Plus, there’s a range of international and fusion restaurants too.

Celebrity-class service at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Famous musician Jimmy Buffet has his own restaurant in Falmouth called Margaritaville, where people flock from miles around to enjoy great Caribbean cuisine and, of course, a cocktail or three.

Al fresco is taken to the extreme at Leon's Lobster Hut

For the best Lobster in Falmouth, look no further than Leon’s. This small-scale, locally owned seafood joint is found on the beach nestled between postcard-perfect swaying palm trees. Leon cooks the lobster on little more than a sheet of metal over an open fire, and you can eat them with the ocean lapping at your feet.

A romantic night at Glistening Waters

A dockside restaurant with a warm and vibrant atmosphere, Glistening Waters serves up excellent Jamaican food right next to Falmouth dock. If you’re going for dinner, you’ll see why it’s so called, as the lights of the port twinkle in the dark. Plus, stay after the food has cleared and there may be a little dance or sing-a-long.

Eat like the locals at Pepper's Jerk Centre

Jerk chicken is a staple of all Jamaica holidays. For the best quality jerk served alongside a menu of pulled pork and curried goat, hit up Pepper’s Jerk Centre. This remarkable little bar and grill has a very authentic atmosphere, and welcoming staff who are always up for a chat. Come here for real Jamaican fare.

Watch the world go by at Club Nazz & Restaurant

Great local delicacies and authentic Jamaican charm makes Club Nazz one of Falmouth’s favourites. Reasonable prices and a breezy street-side atmosphere makes the restaurant a hotspot for people watching, and a great place to while the night away.

A quick bite at Juici Patties

Juici Patties is a favourite in Falmouth, famous for its great homemade pastries. With fresh meat and veg fillings, every pastry that rolls out of Juici is baked with care and served up quick and still steaming hot. They serve up the perfect lunchtime snacks.

Beers in the shade at Spice Kitchen and Bar

A true Jamaican ambience comes with every dish at Spice Kitchen. The menu contains a healthy list of Caribbean classics, plus offers two Red Stripes for just five bucks. Sit back and relax, and let the good stuff come to you.

Try it all at Healthy Eaters Vegetarian and Seafood Restaurant

As the name suggests, this is the best place to go for all your healthy offerings. Vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian, you’ll find something you love here. There are remarkable tofu jerk substitutes and great dishes using the exotic fruits and veg of the region – so make sure you try as much as you can.

Be in on the secret at Keith's Hideout Jerk Centre

Fairly unknown, this hidden gem of Jamaica holidays serves up amazing jerk food to private huts where customers sit and enjoy the amazing nosh. Plus, there are fantastic cocktails for those lazy beachside evenings.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at Tropical Bliss Oasis

A light lunch, a good brew and some relaxed chatter – that’s what Tropical Bliss Oasis is all about. Found on Falmouth’s market square, here you can have a light lunch of local nibbles followed up with a hot cup of famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.