A guide to nightlife in Christ Church

Barbados holidays are the ideal opportunity to let loose in the Caribbean sun. Christ Church takes its nightlife very seriously, with cocktail deals at almost every bar. The majority of the evening spots are clustered along the lively street known as ‘the Gap’ in St Lawrence. You’ll find a few local treasures hidden away in the centre of St Lawrence, too, and in upbeat little pockets of Christ Church like Hastings and Oistins. If you’re coming to these areas, be prepared for live music, karaoke sessions and a whole lot of rum.

Crooners at Scoopie's Jazz

Tucked away from the noise of other venues along the St Lawrence Gap, Scoopie’s is renowned for its warm atmosphere and soft jazz music played live throughout the week. It features a small food menu for light noshing, but the long list of cocktails is really where it’s at.

Steals and deals at Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol is all about the deals. On the menu are two-for-one cocktails all day every day, as well as daily Happy Hour specials. You get all this, plus waterfront views, live music and an all-out fiesta on the last Friday of every month. Just show us where to sign up.

Rum, rum and more rum at Shaker's Bar & Grill

Shaker’s is more or less an upscale rum bar, and where there’s rum, there are holidaymakers looking to drink it. Slightly off the beaten path, the bar looks little more like a beach shack from afar. But this is a hopping bar and an authentic spot where the locals hang.

Street food and sips at Oistins Fish Fry

This one isn’t so much a bar, but a giant outdoor party. Whether it’s your first holiday in Barbados or you’re a seasoned local, everyone who’s anyone makes their way down to the little fishing village of Oistins on a Friday night for a massive fish fry. There’s freshly-cooked local food, exotic drinks, reggae music and lots of dancing.

Chilled vibes at Jan and Frank's Cocktail Bar

While most of the bars on the Gap are raucous and loud, Jan and Franks is a calm in the storm. It’s a quiet little locals’ bar that’s heavy on the laid-back vibes. They also offer a two-for-one deal on cocktails based on what fruit’s in season – that’s how you know they’re fresh.

Rainbow decor at Sharkey's

Just follow the neon blue lighting wrapped around the bar and you’ll soon run into Sharkey’s. It’s a colourful little spot that comes alive at night with fruity drinks at the outdoor bar. Not to be outdone, it also offers buy-one-get-one-free deals on the cocktail of the day.

Drinks and the footie at The Blue Room Sports Bar & Grill

You guessed it, this bar is decorated blue. Here, you’ll find an easy-going atmosphere with sports on television and music playing quietly in the background. More drinks deals and Happy Hour are on the board, alongside delicious tropical cocktails.

Lively nights at The Old Jamm Inn

The Jamm Inn… get it? We’re jam-in? Never mind. The bar here is lined with alcohol bottles as far as the eye can see, and let’s not even get started on the comic book wallpaper. Live music is on the bill most nights of the week, as is a rowdy atmosphere that stays upbeat well into the evening.

Karaoke sessions at Hal's Car Park Bar

Luckily this bar isn’t in an actual car park, but on the St Lawrence Gap. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears, as well as the tastebuds. There are televisions playing live sports matches, karaoke during the beginning of the week and wild party nights at the end and through to the weekend.

Waterfront views at The Tiki Bar

The Tiki Bar is a little beach hut where the meals are served with a side of stunning waterfront views. The bar’s slogan is ‘It’s Always Time for Rum’, and we couldn’t agree more. In addition to light bites, you’re treated to a nice long list of cocktails to be enjoyed from the bar or with the waves at your feet.