St Lawrence Holidays 2024/2025

This southern coastal district is located in the Christ Church parish, and dazzles with its vibrant nightlife, yet soothes with its tranquil beaches. That mix of serenity and activity makes for a holiday of contrasts where you’re never at a loss for what to do, yet always able to recharge.

St Lawrence Holiday Deals

The island's party centre

St Lawrence, also known as St Lawrence Gap, is a few kilometres south of the capital of BarbadosBridgetown and has a good reputation as the nightlife hub of the entire island.

Because it’s located on the southern coast, you’ve also got easy access to beaches lapped by the shimmering Caribbean Sea. It all combines for a hugely enticing place to stay and you’ll always have a great choice of things to do, whatever time of day or night you want to explore.

Bars and beverages

The shining neon lights and bright party atmosphere illuminate any evening spent in St Lawrence. You can expect to find both local people and visiting tourists clustered around the bars, talking and laughing.

You’re going to have a good time just choosing where to settle in for a night of fun, with vibrant nightclubs inviting revellers to dance until dawn. That said, on the more traditional side you’ve also got reggae music and rum at The Cove, or the blaring jazz and party spirit of the Old Jamm Inn, which is one of the area’s most consistently popular choices.

Head to the coast and you’ll likely find a beach party or two in full swing, or alternatively slink away to one of the quieter watering holes for rum, relaxation and good conversation.

Delicious foods aplenty

Food and drink is an important part of any Barbados holiday and, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, St Lawrence has a wide choice of venues that serve all manner of tasty treats. Local Bajan cuisine is well worth trying, and consists of barbecued pork, curried lamb, grilled seafood and crisp fruit salads, with much more besides. That said, it seems like the whole world’s favourite dishes have come together in St Lawrence.

Depending on your palate, you’ll be taking in Mexican fajitas, Chinese chow mein, Brazilian spiced steaks and Greek mezzes. We’re pretty fond of the colourful Harlequin Restaurant for home-cooked chicken, fish and salads. While the romantics among you should look to beachfront venues like Castaways Bar & Grill, where dining by a Caribbean sunset over the sea is something to savour.

Sunshine by the shore

From Rainbow Beach to Turtle Beach, the coastal areas surrounding St Lawrence are truly inspiring. Caribbean trade winds tease the palm leaves into gentle dances above as you recline on your lounger. They sands are well taken care of and yours to enjoy.

You can head down to the sea for some watersports, complete with golden sand and pristine azure water. In St Lawrence beach time and nightlife combine as the colourful little bar-huts like Daddy’s and Sharkey’s mean you’re never far from a rum daiquiri.

Entertainment options galore

For sports fans, join in on a game of cricket during the day, or spend the evening watching the game on a live screen at one of several bars. Many of the people you meet on holiday in Barbados will be big fans of sports and physical activities, which also means you’ll have plenty of chances to join tours and hikes that get you out of town and into the beautiful countryside of the island.

Pool tables are easily found in lots of different venues, so be sure to give the locals a friendly challenge. Beyond that, there’s also a huge selection of shopping to be had. Souvenirs and fashion stand side by side with local delicacies to take home, as well as handmade crafts.

You can guarantee that St Lawrence will give you the best balance of rest and play to be found in the Caribbean. It combines eating seafood by the shore, and getting your groove on to the band at the local hotspot, or simply savouring the sea views with the water encircling your ankles.


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