A guide to things to do in Lanzarote

This island might only be 60 kilometres long but there’s plenty to do in Lanzarote. With year-round sunshine, activities revolve around enjoying the great outdoors. That said, if shopping and cocktails are more your thing you won’t be disappointed either. Wherever you choose to stay the attractions will be within reach. Whether you’re travelling with your partner, your family or a group of friends, there’s so many things to do in Lanzarote, everyone will be happy.

Top things to do in Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park

A trip to Lanzarote is not complete without visiting the Timanfaya National Park. With awe-inspiring craters, little vegetation and a rocky horizon, it’s the closest you’ll get to walking on the moon. It’s a helter skelter feeling journey to the top where you’ll find an informative visitors centre and there’s a delicious restaurant that gives stunning views over the park. 

There’s a variety of tours that will take you around the park, stopping at various points to let you snap photos, and at some point you will even be able to get out and see it up close and personal.

The works of Cesar Manrique

Across Lanzarote you can’t fail to note the influence of local artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Born and bred on the island, he died in 1992 and his home was opened up for visitors as a gallery – Fundacion Cesar Manrique. The building itself is built beneath a lava crust, seemingly erupting from the volcanic rock and Manrique has imaginatively created five large rooms below. Particularly enjoyed by culture buffs and children, it can be appreciated by all as a magical piece of architecture.

Jameos Del Agua is another masterpiece by Manrique that’s a must-see. It’s formed inside a volcanic tunnel and made up of three openings, including a pool, natural made auditorium and a restaurant. It’s an extremely beautiful and fascinating place that can’t be understood until it’s seen with your own eyes

Things to do with kids in Lanzarote

Rancho Texas

One of the best things to do with kids in Lanzarote is head to Rancho Texas Park in Puerto Del Carmen. Rancho Texas is a huge park where you can swim with sea lions and enjoy seeing the funny antics of the parrots and cockatoos. The live shows are interesting and fun for all to enjoy.

There’s a fast food restaurant on site, offering a range of burgers, chicken nuggets and pizza, the perfect place for your little ones to refuel before jumping right back into action. There’s also a Mexican restaurant if you’d prefer a bit more of a sit down meal.

A couple of times a week, there is a country night at the park where you’ll enjoy Wild West themed entertainment, food and drinks all night long. This includes pony rides, cabaret, lasso shows, and of course the bull ride. It’s a late night but something that everyone in the family will remember.

Submarine Safari

Let the kids get up close and personal with many different species of fish and other marine life in a submarine safari. This trip will definitely keep the little ones fascinated, learning about marine life and the submarine itself. You and your family can experience life beneath the Atlantic Ocean in one of the Sub Fun submarines. Each dive lasts approximately one hour and includes a tour guide on board who will explain each part of the trip. 

Things to do as a couple in Lanzarote

Marina Rubicon

On the edge of Playa Blanca rests the newly developed, upmarket Marina Rubicon. Despite its sophistication, Marina Rubicon is an easy-going place and a great spot to watch boats come and go over lunch. It also has a good selection of fashion boutiques and a weekly craft and clothing market. It’s a super romantic setting for a dinner with your special someone looking out across the lit up marina. From here, you can also enjoy boat trips or even rent your own.

Camel Rides

Another fantastic thing to do in Lanzarote is camel riding in Timanfaya National park. This attraction boasts a unique setting with breathtaking scenery offering an exciting adventure. Stack up on those everlasting memories with endless laughs as you try to stay balanced on one of the many camels that reside here. Don’t fret though; you are expertly guided by a leader through the ashfields and hills. It’s a unique experience in a unique place – certainly a must-have together. 

Things to do for free in Lanzarote

The Valley of a Thousand Palms

Haria is a stunning village filled with whitewashed buildings that’s now known as the “Valley of a Thousand Palms”, in reference to the many plants from the cacti family found throughout the area. Haria is to the north of the island and is still mostly unspoiled from tourism, so it can be quite nice to just stroll through the streets.

Exceptional sights can be seen from here, one being the reef of Famara, which has become the place to be for numerous surfers around the globe! There’s also sight-lines to the Penas del Chache which is actually the highest peak of the island, standing at 670 metres above sea level. You can choose to trek to the top and trust us the views are well worth every single step!

Charco de los Clicos

Yet another incredible sight that you can enjoy for free is the Charco de los Clicos. Also known as the Green Lagoon, Charco de Los Clicos is found in El Golfo which isn’t too far from Los Hervideros. Now declared a Natural Reserve, Charco de Los Clicos is the result of a crater of an extinct volcano which submerged into the Atlantic Ocean. This stunning lagoon gets its green colour from the algae at the bottom. The contrast of this against the stunning blues of the bright sky, surrounding sea and the black sands is nothing other than pure beauty.

Charco de los Clicos is best enjoyed from the view point at El Golfo. Take the path leading from the car park to the beach to marvel over this unique volcanic landscape for yourself, it’s especially beautiful during sunset!