A guide to nightlife in La Palma

The quietest of the Canary IslandsLa Palma is surrounded with beautiful scenery, stunning private beaches, and friendly locals. The city of Los Cancajos hosts the majority of the atmospheric nightlife and restaurants on the island, with a selection of authentic Canarian and Spanish bars. There are also places all around the island to grab your favourite drink and relax with friends as you chat the night away. Here are some bars and late-night restaurants to consider when looking for a chilled night out in the Canary Island’s most beautiful and secluded haven.

Settle in to Bar Restaurante El Pulpo, Los Cancajos

Situated right in the middle of La Palma’s busiest city of Los Cancajos is this friendly, authentic Canarian tapas bar. Bar Restaurante El Pulpo has an idyllic waterfront setting, meaning you can have a cold glass of your favourite drink while your feet are in the sand. The stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean while you dive into delicious home-made tapas will make you want to pull up a tent and never leave. With a modest building, it’s the view that brings tourists to Bar Restaurante El Pulpo, so most prefer to experience beach service in style rather than eat inside.

Wine and good times at Tasca Alavasca, Brena Baja

Down the road from Los Cancajos in Brena Baja is this popular restaurant, open late into the evening. A favourite dining spot of the locals, you shouldn’t miss out! Ask for a bottle of La Palma wine and sit out on the terrace enjoying the setting sun and afterwards the spectacle of stars in some of the world’s clearest skies. Tasca Alavasca has great genuine Spanish food that will flood your senses and make you want to come back again.

Moreish cuisine at Restaurante La Placita, San Andres y Sauces

A great way to start your evening is at the Restaurante La Placita, situated at the top of the island in San Andres y Sauces. This down to earth, family-run business offers a range of dishes for your evening meal all authentically created from the Canary Island’s home grown ingredients. The delicious food and friendly staff help make way for a perfect night out.

Make like a sommelier at Bodegas Teneguia, Los Canarios

For a little sophistication, travel down to the south tip of the island and head over to Bodegas Teneguia in Los Canarios. This winery offers a wine-tasting class of their own specialty wines made on the premises. Try the Malvesia or the special port wine of the Bodega. Take a tour of the winery and take a bottle home after you’ve had fun tasting and deciding on your favourite.

Beers with a view at Cerveceria Isla Verde, Tijarafe

Located on the west coast of the island in Tijarafe is the micro-brewery of Cerveceria Isla Verde. An easy drive to get to and find, come relax one evening while trying all of the in-house beers. Belgian ex-pats opened this micro-brewery and can walk you through their three house favourites – amber ale, wheat beer, and dark beer. Doubling as a tapas bar with live music, Isla Verde is home to both tourists and locals, who come to sit on the hillside patio sipping beer with a great view.

The freshest seafood at Bar Charco Azul, San Andres y Sauces

At the top of La Palma in San Andres y Sauces is the flavourful seafood restaurant of Bar Charco Azul. Known for its delicious seafood dishes and Atlantic Ocean views it also has elevated seawater pools so you can go for a dip and then a leisurely meal to finish your night under the stars. Or if you don’t want to get wet you could simply head out onto the terrace and enjoy the sea breeze with a glass of wine.