A guide to the best beaches in La Palma

La Palma, the quietest of the Canary Islands, is full of natural wonders and gorgeous scenery. Tourists come to this laid back island to explore the stunning volcanoes and natural parks, but also to relax on the many black volcanic sand beaches.

Puerto Naos Beach

The largest beach on the island of La Palma, Puerto Naos is a hotspot for holidaymakers visiting the island. With black volcanic sand twinkling with light green hues due to olivine crystals, this beach is sure to be something you haven’t experienced before.

A long coastal path protected by palm trees guides your way down to this black sand coastline. After your sunbathing is over, you can head back up to the many restaurants and outdoor terraces surrounding the beach for some authentic La Palma cuisine. The adventurous can join in on the night-time scuba diving, a popular activity at Puerto Naos Beach.

Charco Verde

Two kilometres away from Puerto Naos is the 150-metre long beach of Charco Verde. Easily accessible for those with mobility issues or pushchairs, this is a great beach to bring the family. In a cove surrounded by cliffs and banana plantations, the sea is also calm with low setting waves. After a dip in the water, you can grab some food and drink at the snack bar and clean off in the outdoor showers.

Charco Azul

In the north east area of the La Palma in San Andres y Sauces is Charco Azul, off the beaten track and full of beautiful ocean views. Its natural bathing pools of varying depths were formed from volcanic lava flows and there’s also a pretty waterfall.

With no sandy beaches within walking distance, this is the perfect spot for those wanting a little more adventure and something different from the usual sunbathing experience. After your swim have a packed lunch on the many picnic tables available or dine out at the restaurants overlooking the pools.

Playa Nogales

This small and secluded beach is situated in Puntallana. With black sand, dark water, and green cliffs in the background the contrasting colours will take any nature lover’s breath away. Drive through banana plantations to this quiet beach, with a well-made and fenced off path down to the water. Enjoy your own private oasis away from all the crowds in this stunning location.

Puerto de Puntagorda

This wild rock beach hosts a small bay with large majestic coastal cliffs in the background. Puerto de Puntagorda has several large natural swimming pools between the rocks, which are heated by the sun during the day, turning them into mini hot tubs. Sit back, relax, and watch the local dolphins in your view to the Atlantic Ocean from Puerto de Puntagorda’s steamy natural pools.

Nogales Beach

In the northern town of Puntallana is the easily-accessible beach of Nogales. With black volcanic sand, mountain trails, lush green landscape and ocean views, you can take in all of La Palma’s beautiful natural scenery in one location. Nogales beach is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, especially those who want to get in a good day’s surf.

Los Cancajos Beach

On the east coast of La Palma, in the tourist hotspot of Los Cancajos, is this famous black sand beach. Volcanic rocks surround the bay, ensuring tranquil waters and abundant marine life – ideal for snorkelling and cave-diving. After your relaxing day on the beach head back up to the many restaurants nearby in Los Cancajos and try some of the authentic Spanish and Canarian seafood cuisine.