A guide to the best beaches in Varna

Bulgaria is a popular holiday destination if you’re looking to bask in the sunshine, on soft sands and beside crystal-clear water. With the scenic Black Sea coast welcoming more and more people on their holidays to Bulgaria and in particular, the Varna region, take time to discover which are the best beaches to visit. While some are great for families, others have more of a focus on watersports, so with a bit of research, you can find a few that are perfect for you. And remember, Bulgaria is popular, so beaches will be busy during peak season.

Varna Beach

One of the best beaches in Varna Bulgaria is its namesake, Varna Beach. Centrally located, it is easy to get to on foot and benefits from a number of bars, cafes and restaurants just up on the promenade.

Beautiful, clean and well maintained, Varna’s best Beach is great if you’re travelling as a family because there’s a little waterpark and a playground on the beach. If you’re just up for simply relaxing and sunbathing, it’s perfect, too. Day to night waterfront enjoyment can be had here, with lazy days turning into exciting nights in the summer months.

Rappongi Beach

This unfussy and clean golden stretch of sand is one of the best beaches near Varna and is amazing for families, being safe and fairly chilled out. For young families, there’s a nice quiet area that’s great for swimming. You might want to avoid the livelier mid-section of the beach if you’re with children, but carry on round to the other end and you’ll find fantastic watersports on offer.

This beach really does cater for everyone and has convenience and safety in mind, with public toilets and lifeguards to give you peace of mind. There are also showers, places to eat and loungers to hire, so all you need to remember is sun cream and a towel.

Golden Sands Beach

One of the best beaches in Varna Bulgaria happens to also be one of the most famous in Europe – it has everything a family-friendly resort should have and it’s all set up for the party, too.

Very much geared towards the comfort and enjoyment of tourists, Golden Sands Beach backs on to a huge number of bars, restaurants and even casinos and offers sunbathers fine, soft sand to lay on and clear waters to paddle in. In peak season, this beach gets very busy, so be prepared to either get up a little earlier or squeeze in with everyone else. Loungers are available to hire, or you can just bring a towel.

Asparuhovo Beach

If you’re looking to stretch out on a relatively undisturbed and quiet coastline, Varna’s best beaches have to include Asparuhovo Beach, as it is blissfully peaceful. There are still loungers and parasols available to use though, for your convenience and comfort.

Just outside central Varna, the surroundings are far less built up around this beach, making it less busy than others, but no less pretty and pleasurable to spend a day at. With a forest backdrop and two bars, privacy with a side of sociable refreshment is guaranteed. It’s also a great spot for windsurfing – there’s even a school on the beach if you want some lessons.

Trakata Beach

No mention of the best beaches in Varna Bulgaria would be complete without Trakata Beach making the list. It is the perfect antidote to the busier and livelier central stretches of sand.

This hidden gem of a beach is tucked away in a bay that locals know about but few tourists do. It’s utterly unspoilt, peaceful and laid-back. Gentle waters makes for a perfect paddle zone for young children and though there is little in the way of added conveniences, such as loungers and showers, a towel on the sand will be more than comfortable enough. You’ll find more Bulgarian families than tourists here, so be sure to take all your rubbish away with you, to help preserve the area for the locals.

Beaches in Varna Bulgaria are fantastically varied. While some cater to the busy tourist market, others prefer to remain as secret quiet havens. Whether you’re looking for watersports, parties and restaurants on tap or peaceful solitude with gentle waters and no frills, Varna has the perfect beach for you.