Aqua Paradise Resort

Next to one of the most popular and largest waterparks in Bulgaria, the Aqua Paradise Resort, due to be renamed in 2019, is incredible if you’re a family holidaying in Nessebar. Three on-site pools, free access to the waterpark and an excellent restaurant make for a fun and easy-going holiday, while the elegant bedrooms add contemporary chic into the equation as well. Just outside Nessebar town centre, Aqua Paradise Resort is near beaches, shops and restaurants and there’s even a kids’ club on offer, if you fancy some alone time.

Overview of Nessebar

One of Europe’s most unique and multifaceted holiday hotspots, Bulgaria is loaded with fabulous experiences and picturesque landscapes. Found in the Bourgas region, Nessebar is a perfect example of why Bulgaria has become so popular. Holidays to Bulgaria are always steeped in history, but Nessebar’s 3,000 years of culture lead Unesco to name it a World Heritage Centre. Boasting one of the best Black Sea beaches in the whole country and a laid-back vibe, this quaint city has lots to explore, including restaurants, local shops and churches at every turn.

Things to do in Nessebar

Nessebar is rich in local heritage, which the friendly locals are only too happy to talk about and demonstrate. Take the time to visit a few of the local artisan shops and you’ll see just how skilled people are here, producing intricate lace, sculptures and ceramics. While you’re in the mood to explore the town centre, get your history buff hat on and take in the many museums, galleries and churches that are open to the public. There are over 40 churches alone and each is steeped in myth and mystery. For some solid beach time, head to Sunny Beach, the most popular one thanks to its Blue Flag certification, watersports and lifeguards that offer parents peace of mind. If you feel up to it, try one of the beach’s infamous late night parties.

Resort Summary

As you’d expect of a city of such antiquity and culture, the restaurants of Nessebar offer fantastic meals, and most of them are pretty affordable too.

You might be surprised to learn that Bulgarian food shares similarities with the kind of meals you’d enjoy in Turkey or Greece. You’ll also enjoy more than traditional tastes during your visit, because Nessebar’s connection to the sea makes it something of a hotbed for seafood of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, the increase in tourism to Nessebar over the decades has made it rich in international dining options, so those of you with a soft spot for French, Italian, Indian and Chinese meals will find plenty to offer.

Largely, you’re going to find that Nessebar offers a good selection of restaurants that are divided between two parts of the city, namely the coast and the inland cobbled streets. While the latter option gives easy access to inner city nightlife, where live music and rustic bars are frequently the order of the day, you’re going to also have plenty of options for eating with a sea view. Many of the vistas offered by these clifftop cafes and beachfront restaurants have to be seen to be believed.