A guide to the best restaurants in Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar a beautiful seaside resort on the island of Majorca, is bound to leave you feeling full and satisfied. This beautiful pocket of the island has some of the best restaurants around and each one takes care to give their clients the best possible culinary experience while using the local ingredients available to them. Expect juicy fruit and vegetables and expertly prepared seafood – trust us, you wont be disappointed.

Luxury dining at Campino Restaurante

It’s easy to see why this is one of the best-loved restaurants in Camp de Mar, due to the breathtaking views from the terrace and the food, which is both traditionally tasty and beautifully modern. The menu is largely inspired by classic Spanish specialities but showcases dishes with a twist from the expert chefs.

Beautifully presented food at La Tulipe

La Tulipe present their dishes with the utmost care and they taste even better than they look. The smaller menu means the dishes they offer have been chosen carefully and cooked to perfection over and over again. The wine list is also carefully selected to provide fine vintages.

Magnificent views at Flor de Sal

Looking out over the Mediterranean sea you can enjoy a meal of fresh and healthy Spanish cuisine at this classy restaurant. Flor de Sal serves a huge selection of food in interesting ways, and to top it all off, there’s a pool just next door.

The real experience at The Grand Sol

If you’re looking for a more rustic and native feel, you’ll be happy at The Grand Sol. This traditional restaurant boasts some of the best in local live music, great beers and wines along with excellent food. The variety of food on offer here is sure to delight and the huge portions mean you’ll never leave hungry.

Not just a bar at Bar Bagari

Bar Bagari may not bill itself as a restaurant as much as it does a bar, but when you chow down on some of its great food you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The meals are simple but filling, which is ideal when you’re looking to grab a bite to eat and a beer at lunchtime.

Lunch by the sea at Restaurant Beach Club

As the name suggests, you’re quite literally on the beach at this restaurant. This not only makes it the perfect place to watch the sunset, but it also means you’ll be able to get a spot of lunch or dinner and still have your lounger in full view. Pay a visit to Restaurant Beach Club for Spanish meat and cheese platters and stunning seafood in beautiful surroundings.

Rest up and fill up at Meson El Quijote

Diners are invited to take the time to sit back and relax at Meson El Quijote. This is a place to let the evening wash over you, to chill out and to get full on great food. Get your energy levels back up with some freshly caught sole or a pizza after a long day under the Spanish sun.

An entire island at Restaurante Illeta

For a truly magical dining experience, take a walk along the bridge reaching out over the sea to reach Restaurante Illeta. This floating eatery offers the very best in fresh, local ingredients and these feature in dishes such as paella and tapas. You couldn’t be closer to the ocean at Restaurante Illeta and the menu reflects that with different seafood options served every day.

Sweet treats at Petit Ambassador

Another wonderful beachside restaurant, Petit Ambassador serves hearty meals of Spanish delicacies such as Iberico ham. The most incredible dishes live under the desserts section of the menu, all of which are beautifully rich and loaded with fresh fruit.

Lovely lunches at La Siesta

Take the weight off your feet and settle in for a relaxed lunch at La Siesta, a beautiful spot right by the sea in Camp de Mar. La Siesta is renowned for the fresh and flavoursome seafood they serve such as calamari, mussels and crayfish. The service is top-class and that’s why La Siesta is one of those restaurants that people visit again and again.