Best restaurants in Alaro

Dining in Alaro is about experiencing the charm of the rustic countryside, basking in the warm Spanish sun and sampling some seriously flavourful food. The majority of restaurants in Alaro serve authentic Majorca cuisine, while some also dabble in British fare and ice cream. There’s also a good selection of local wines and beers available in many eateries – just ask a server for what’s been produced nearby.

Slow-roasted lamb at Es Verger

With its prime location en route to the Castillo de Alaro, the Es Verger is a great pit stop on the hike back into town. The speciality here is lamb ribs and shoulder slow-roasted to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The traditional Majorcan flavours, combined with the rustic decor make dining here feel like an authentic Alaro experience.

Veggie supremes at Ecosenalla

Vegetarians find a much-welcomed break from the otherwise meat and seafood-heavy dishes in Majorca at this largely vegan restaurant. Even carnivores may find something on this simple menu to their liking, in meals like veggie paella, stews and salads. Ecosenalla also features an extensive wine and beer list, which includes a few local brews.

Laid-back seafood at Vila Cinc

Located in the scenic town square, Vila Cinc specialises in seafood dishes like tuna salad, hake and spicy mixed prawns served with creative presentation. The atmosphere here is the height of relaxation, with the chef often taking personal orders and altering recipes to fit diners’ individual needs.

Chilli and chocolate ice cream at La Isla del Gelato

This ice cream parlour is an excellent place to cool off after a long hike in the sun – it’s located in the main square, so you can set up camp at an outdoor table with a scoop of ice cream and a cup of coffee. Interesting flavours here include pineapple and pistachio, plus the spicy-sweet chilli and chocolate.

Full English at Petit Cafe

A little slice of Britain has made its way into the Spanish mountainside in the form of Petit Cafe. Run and frequented by the area’s modest ex-pat community, this quaint spot features traditional British favourites like a full English breakfast, chicken and veggie curry, fish and chips and, of course, a proper mug of tea.

Prime steaks at Traffic

Half-restaurant, half-hotel, Traffic boasts a lovely outdoor terrace with homey vibes. This restaurant is renowned for its juicy cuts of steaks, though its paella, pizza and Majorcan rabbit gain a lot of praise too. There’s also a great selection of tapas for sharing if you’re travelling with a group.

Bowls of paella at Cafeteria Cabrit i Bossa

The decor is unassuming and the menu at this Mediterranean restaurant is only in Spanish, so you know it’s got to be pretty authentic – don’t let this scare you off, though. Here, you can sample traditional paella served in the pan with seafood and Majorcan spices.

Relaxed sips at Can Punta

This popular bar and restaurant is often packed during the summer months with visitors in search of a quick drink and cool respite from the Spanish heat. You can enjoy a coffee or glass of wine, or stay a little longer for some authentic dishes with more alternative meats, such as quail, made to local recipes.

Majorcan wines at Sa Fonda Restaurant

Sa Fonda is especially popular with locals for its excellent meat-centric dishes and extensive list of wines, many of which are produced locally. The food here is traditional Majorcan cuisine, with shoulder of lamb, brisket and locally-sourced fish, plus the odd pizza and homemade cheesecake.

Italian twists at Milnoucentsu

The dishes here are Italian favourites with a Spanish twist, with offerings like veggie-topped pasta in a cream sauce, as well as pizza and steak. These aren’t tapas-sized portions though, so make sure to leave room if you plan to sample a starter.