Amsterdam Holidays 2022/2023

The perfect place for a great getaway, a holiday to Amsterdam has everything you could ever want and more with great museums, galleries and amazing food.

Amsterdam Holiday Deals 2022/2023

The capital of Holland

The capital of Holland offers so much, making it the perfect destination for those holidaymakers looking for a fun filled holiday. Beautiful open public squares and stunning architecture make an Amsterdam holiday a must for any traveller. It’s an incredibly lively city full of vibrant culture and amazing experiences. It always has something going on meaning whenever you choose to go you’re guaranteed to find something different and entertaining.

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch

Flight Time: Approx 1hrs

Time Difference: CET

Population: Approx 17m

Art and culture

Visit the Dutch National Opera which has housed audiences for over 70 years and learn more about the fantastic building which is truly fascinating. Captivating museums leave visitors wanting more from the Van Gogh Museum where you can explore perfectly crafted art from the world famous artist. Don’t forget the Anne Frank Museum too, giving you a glimpse into the life of a Jewish family during the wartime, encapsulating so many historical memories that are still astounding to this day.

Canal cruising

Venice or Amsterdam? You’ll find yourself questioning where you are when cruising the canals through Amsterdam. The beautiful canals are a huge attraction to holidaymakers across the world. Picture perfect views are found all around the city and around every single corner. There’s plenty of themed tours to choose from when you’re looking at exploring the canals on a holiday to Amsterdam. Treat yourself to a cocktail cruise or even a pizza cruise and take in the views in style. For those looking for a romantic setting there’s candlelit cruises for couples too, adding a touch of class to your evening or day.

Bustling nightlife

Not only is there so much to do when it comes to culture, art and canals, there’s also plenty to treat your tastebuds to as well. Dutch delicacies such as raw herring, Goude cheese and gooey Stroopwafels are a must. By night, the city comes to life with bars, pubs and restaurants offering a chance to see the environment in the dark. This energetic city charms on every single level, whatever you’re looking for you’re sure to find it on a holiday to Amsterdam. Experience history and culture throughout the day then dance the night away at a popular pub or club, ready to do it all again the next day.