Netherlands Holidays 2024/2025

When you think of The Netherlands, you might be filled with images of colourful clogs and canals – not to mention wooden windmills and fields teaming with tulips! While you can certainly make these a part of your iconic trip, there’s so much more to discover. From breathtaking gardens to vibrant cities like Amsterdam, this cultural haven should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

With numerous medieval castles to visit as well as an abundance of cityscapes, you won’t be short on spectacular sights on a holiday to The Netherlands. There’s also a 13,800-acre national park, not to mention an impressive music scene on offer that draws in hundreds of thousands of people each year.


Amazing attractions

The list of things to do in The Netherlands is never-ending. For starters, a visit to the bustling capital of Amsterdam will leave you reeling from one discovery to the next. With a whole host of museums to meander around, art and history lovers will be in their element.

A visit to Anne Frank’s house is a must, where you’ll uncover the harrowing story of Anne, her secret annex and her beloved diary. This museum will take you right back into the heart of WW2, with quotes, photos and original items on full display for you to view.

Being in the home country of Vincent Van Gogh, it would be rude not to visit the Van Gogh Museum too, where you’ll witness his works first-hand – from paintings to drawings and even hand-written letters.

If you’re more of an adventurer, you simply have to visit the A’Dam Lookout – a 360 degree observation deck with unparalleled views of Amsterdam.

As well as spectacular views of the city, it also features ‘Over the Edge’ – Europe’s highest swing! Sit back in your seat as you dangle 100 metres above the ground, back and forth over the edge with the whole of Amsterdam beneath your feet. Talk about adrenaline pumping!


  • Amsterdam
  • Say cheese!

    Calling all cheese lovers! If you just can’t get enough of this dreamy dairy goodness, you’ll be pleased to know your trip to The Netherlands will land you in cheese heaven.

    The Dutch produce 650 million kilos (really!) of cheese every year, two thirds of which is exported, making Holland the largest cheese exporter in the world.

    Visit Dutch cheese markets and discover how sellers and wholesalers have created their masterpieces for over 600 years – you’ll find some of the best in the cheese capitals of Gouda, Edam and Alkmaar, which is even home to a cheese museum!

    No matter where you are in The Netherlands, you’ll spot massive shop windows showcasing giant wheels of all kinds of fantastic flavours. Make sure to pop in and sample some of your favourites!

    Get on your bikes and ride!

    You haven’t done your sightseeing right if you leave without doing it the dutch way – by bicycle! Many of the major cities in The Netherlands actively encourage you to use pedal power to get around, and even provide free bikes for you to explore all the sights.

    What’s a visit to Amsterdam without a selfie of you and your travel buddy stood beside a canal, posed on your bikes? Hop on a bicycle and discover so much more of these cities than by being on foot. Plus, you’ll burn off a little bit of that cheese – win-win!


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