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Five of the world’s scariest water slides

Laughing, cooling off, wedgies, suntan lotion, burgers by the pool – there’s a lot to be said for water parks, whether you’re in Loco Parque in Tenerife or waving at Mickey in Disney, Florida. Here are five of the biggest, wettest, scariest water slides we could find.

P.S. Have you ridden a scarier water slide? Let us know in the comments.

Are you insane enough for Insano?

Insano in Beach Park, Brazil, is one of the craziest waterslide (or maybe watercliff is more accurate!) rides in existence. Measuring a massive 135 feet or 14 storeys, this slide is in the Guinness World Records as the tallest in the world.  Even though it lasts only a few seconds, riders can reach up to 65mph, and for this reason they have to travel on their backs with arms and legs crossed – for safety!

One rider commented for the Dailymail: ‘When you slide down, you basically fly because the fall is too steep – so you’re in mid-air for most of it.’

Leap of Faith in the Bahamas

Fancy plunging into a clear acrylic tunnel that’s the only thing separating you from razor-toothed predators? Leap of Faith at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas drops riders 60 feet from the top of a beautifully constructed Mayan Temple at hair-raising speeds into a shark-filled lagoon. Now that’s hair raising!

A comment from TripAdvisor: “Holy Crap! The good thing about this is that you go so fast it’s over in no time. The bad thing is that you go so fast you don’t really notice when you end up in a see-through tube surrounded by sharks. I let out a blood curdling scream all the way down.”

Disney’s snow-covered Plummet

Don’t let the idyllic, snow-covered mountains fool you; this ride is a 12-storey plummet straight downwards! It’s probably safe to say that most rides at Disney theme parks are family friendly, but the Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach Water Park carries riders at speeds of up to 60mph, partly through a darkened tunnel. Alpine-ski themed, this ride requires a “ski lift” to get to the launch pad.

A review from DIS: “I don’t care how many times you do this your heart will race every time. This slide is a ton of fun!”

Ride the Raging Pig in Austria

This double looping slide is built in a style called AquaLoop where riders are dropped down a near-vertical slide (in this case, 45-feet-long) into a big loop, including a 180-degree turn before the end. Those who are brave enough to stand on the trapdoor of the L2 Wildsau or Raging Pig waterslide in Woergler Wasserwelt, Austria, are in for unforgettable ride.

One rider was ecstatic: “I did it! World’s first-ever double-looping waterslide!”

Tantrum Alley in Dubai

This ride has unusual funnel-shaped or tornado slides that are so large they can be seen from Jumeirah Beach Road outside the park. Riders share X-shaped rafts that travel downhill and circle into the ‘eye of the storm’ – kind of like a coin in a funnel! Spinning 360 degrees through the second and third tornadoes, the rafts splash out into the pool at the bottom.

As commented on YouTube: “Taaantruuum!!!!!!!

Image credits: Pbase, visitheworld, planmyorlandoholiday, infodubai